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  1. Hi Rob, Did you get a voltage reading at the fuel pump connector?
  2. Not sure how easy it is to see on the VSR but certainly on the Schrick you can watch the vacuum actuator pull the lever on the outside of the manifold open at 4000 revs. Not definitive proof of course unless you had a bit of fun moving the leaver back and forth and watching the flap open and close before you put it on the Car! (My manifold came with the two halves separated to save space). If the lever moves the flap and the actuator pulls the leaver - it's definitely working!
  3. This sounds exactly like the problem I've been having with mine over the last few months. I tried most of the things you did, new fuel pump, new filter etc etc. On mine it turned out to be a slight voltage drain at the fuel pump which started off intermittent and eventually became so permanent the car refused to start. Unfortunately when I first checked I was by myself and had to sort of tape the multimeter probes in the the pump connector and assumed the slight drop was due to the fact they weren't quite touching properly. But it was genuine! When I tied the pump directly into a 12v battery she fired right up. I couldn't be bothered to pull the car apart tracing the point of the drain so I ran a new feed wire from the fuse box and it's been perfect ever since.
  4. Definitely keen for a set, plus followers and gaskets. I live in the Channel Islands though, can I get them shipped here? Understand I'll probably have to put in a little extra, but that's ok.
  5. Is the door still up for grabs or id you after one

    Sorry mailing from my phone not so easy to see

  6. Hi All I'm in need of an aqua blue passenger door as the title suggests. I live in the Channel Islands, which may be an issue, but I am of course happy to pay the required postage. Thanks chris
  7. Hi There Do you still have the passenger door available? ---------- Post added at 11:54 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:54 AM ---------- Hi There Do you still have the passenger door available?
  8. Yeh it's true it's a pretty expensive bit of kit considering what it does, but in my case I think it'll be more useful than most. I took the car to Europe recently - totally different driving experience, just as in the UK where I picked it up from. Bigger longer roads, higher speeds - what I really wanted was a nice turbo so I could still accelerate well at motorway speeds. But here at home, small roads, short distances lower speeds lots of stop start, accelerating/decelerating I think unlocking a bit more torque down the bottom will make a big difference to the driving experience. Well that's what I'm hoping anyway! But I couldn't really say no at the price it was going for. Would have kicked myself for not bidding!
  9. Absolute bargain for me today!! Win! :dance: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120985331296
  10. Know mine was previously owned by a forum member, but he mentioned it may have had a few other forum member owners. It's a blue 95 VR. English reg was M290 WHJ
  11. Thanks for the reply Matt. Is this definitely the OBD2 manifold/TB gasket as it it mentioned in this thread here: http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?52187-OEM-VW-Parts-Price-Enquiries/page9
  12. Hi All Had a hunt around but can't find anything, sorry if it's been asked before. Am about to commence my OBD2 install, but cant find the part number for the throttle body to manifold gasket. Can anyone help out? Thanks in advance Chris
  13. Great shots guys! Particularly that last one Redfox - the sky almost looks like an oil painting! Wonder if anyone has ever painted a picture of a Corrado.....probably not!
  14. Great pics guys! Though I don't think I could get away with those angles. One of the reasons I like that pic of mine so much is you can't spot a single dent!
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