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  1. I went from asking for 500 in a private sale to scrapping it for 100 cash in my pocket , free collection. I'm also allowed to take a few parts off it. I asked lol.
  2. Quickly came to the conclusion that it's worthless even after offering it for 200 quid on the lupo forum , not even a sniff. I was thought if I sell it I want the arms off it. I did a fair bit of work on it including rebuilding the suspension, so got attached to it. I'm bad for it. On the plus side can sell some lupo spares . Got a Mk1 fabia 1.9 diesel for peanuts . In really good condition for the age. Just need a cheap hack to eat some miles . It's a lot faster than a non turbo diesel as well . I do love banger nomics .
  3. Scrapped it for a hundred, which means I get to stick the wiper arms on the Corrado :thumbleft:
  4. Ah, I see . It's on the lupo forum as well . Yeah looks like I'll be scraping it. Just feel bad as it's been a great work horse
  5. Make: Volkswagen Model: Lupo MOT:*13/03/20 TAX: 01/03/20 (but cannot transfer this anymore), Tax is £30 Annually) Engine size: 1.7 Fuel type: Diesel Mielage 150,000 (currently still in use, so increases) Description including modifications: I'm the third owner from 16/03/13 onwards. Its my daily driver, but its starting to have a few mechanical issues, which I don't have the time to sort myself, so I'm hoping to sell it on as a light project for someone. The car runs and drives, and starts every time. Mechanic problems that need attention: - The Gearbox has started to wyne in the lower gears. This is due to the selector seal needing replacing and hasn't been sorted. I was quoted 1200 to source and fix the gearbox. It would benefit from an oil change. I will include the selector seal part with the sale. The noise isn't very loud (doesn't sound like a super charger, but is noticeable. Its been like this for about a year now. - I've seen on this forum the repair kit for the intenral gearboxes is around 120 quid? Hopefully this can be sorted by someone who has the time. I don't, unfortunatly/ - The bodywork is scuffed, there is also some surface rust on the rear wheel arches. I treated this with some wire wool and hammerite, but has come back. This hasn't rotted through the panel yet. - One of the door strips has fallen off and left the ruber residue on the door. - There is a dent in the rear quarter panel (probably from a bollard, was like that when I bought it) - The car has been used all year round. The interior is in need of a good deep clean. There are some stains on the front seats and has a cigarette burn on the rear seat. This is from a previous owner, and the car does not smell of cigarrettes (perhaps a careless passenger) - The Aux belt has started to get noisey at idle (will include a new Aux belt) - The wheel arch covers are missing. - The engine under covers are not fitted, but included in sale. - Rear suspension bump stops are torn and would benefit from replacing. I assume the rear suspension is original, as I've never touched it. Rear tyres are old and have been on the car from before I owned it, they are starting to get some hair line cracks, however it passed MOT without advisories - Steel wheels have surface rust - Original VW Wheel trims present, but scuffed Service history. Part service history. Full folder of receipts during my ownership. I have serviced the vehicle myself for most of its ownership. Very little history prior to my ownership. During my ownership I have done, or changed the following: - Cambelt done twice, last done 17/09/18 142646 miles (done by a local garage) - Front suspension fully replaced with genuine VW parts 28/02/17 - Power steering hose replaced 14/03/17 mileiege, 139727 - Front Tyres replaced 2014, Kumo's - Alternator, Aux belt, Tensioner, 23/11/15 mielege 135638 - NS front ball joint replaced 23/11/15, mielege 135638 - Rear brake wheel cylinder, Shoes, shoe fitting kit and Fuel filter changed 01/03/19, Mileige 142646 - Front exhaust pipe with CAT, gaskets reniewed 17/10/14, Miliege 129887 - Handbrake cable replaced 10/03/14, milige 118930 Location: West Bromwich, West Midlands, B71 area Images will be added later today. Price: £250 ono
  6. Awesome, I've got an alert setup for any new ones on fleabay. :)
  7. Nice one, I've seen similar for sale on the eurowise site, but that's in USA. Bought the one you linked, cheers for this
  8. Looks good and you get all the bits you need
  9. Thanks all. Anyone think this engine stand would be okay for a vr6: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F163889971742 Vr6 and gearbox should weight around 220 kg so should be plenty of this takes 350 kg . I like sealey stuff as well
  10. Do they work with the HT lead remover tool, I found with the dub power ones you can't use the HT lead tool, which is disappointing. Cheers
  11. Hey all, Looking at this one, as I have some vouchers: https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/cfc100-1-tonne-folding-workshop-crane/ Anyone used this and can recommenced? Given the weight of a VR6 engine, it looks like a 1 ton crane will be plenty. Thanks
  12. Happy to support the forum in anyway necessary, and be more involved as well as donate. This is such an important resource for the Corrado
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