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  1. Hi Dan, Im after the pair. Do you still have these? can you post to DE6 1HA? can you PM me with price i will pay via paypal if ok? Cheers. JAS
  2. Hi Zak, Have you got any stock and whats the current situation with connectors? Can you PM me with details, very keen to sort the lights before the dark winter nights start to hit us.. Cheers, JAS.
  3. Flint

    Door handles

    Afternoon, anychance you can pm me some pics please, im in need as someones forced a screwdriver through mine. Jas
  4. Hey all, thought that I would actually/eventually introduce myself to the forum. New to Corrado`s but not to old Dubs, having owned a string of Golf Mk1`s, Mk2 GTi`s, one mk3 GTi and current Mk5 GTtdi 140 taking care of daily duties... it is actually this mk5 that lead me to the corrado; the mk5 golf is a fantastic car and does everything so very well, but its just well, a bit blah. The best way to describe it is that ive never turned around just to look at it after parking up, where i have with the others. I also accept that im going to probably empty my pockets by using the corrado as a daily (but thats what my early golfs did anyway!) The Mk3 albeit hated by many for added weight and soft suspension had a great combination of modcons/chuckabilty/reliabilty (with just enough looks) so it stays as a favourite of mine (cue the laughter and uninformed rant on it being the worst ever GTi). Why ive picked one of VW`s rarer underappreciated classics; light weight (compared to nuwave metal), great looks, enough modcons to be a comfortable (ish) long distance GT, and just knowing its just a bit special. I did a bit a talking to a few people and came to my own conclusion that allthough the VR is the dogs danglies i didnt want the fuel costs of running from Derby to Cornwall twice a month, the G60 is my absolute favourite for linear power and noise but I couldnt find one at the right price with the right charger history to make a daily driver... So I found a 1993 2.0 16V in Flash red at too good a price (any lower and it would have been weighed in) - couldnt see it go, so snapped it up quick (this could have been my first newb mistake!) body is sound and rot free just the wiring is shot/hacked about (may be easier to put a fresh loom in rather then fathom whats been done here)...Anyway, having owned for a while ive identified some First mods: Wipers need changing - cant work out if Lupo GTi or Mk1 TT arms are better? Gear Shift too long (too used to the mk5) - have checked out Dave16V kit. Head lights too dim - someone on here(think CUR2LY) makes a modified loom with OEM connectors? its only 136bhp and needs more grunt, i reckon it needs increasing to be between 150&175 but cant seem to find details of how2 or how popular an ABF conversion is? or if it is feasable to mate an Eaton M45 charger to the 9a lump? oh yes and brakes need beefing up. other than replacing all the bits that fall off/break (and a respray to liven up that rather pink bodywork) ive much to do, but alas i work near Derby and i keep it in Cornwall (parents) so progress and updates will be slow... Jas
  5. Hi Dave, How many are you making up? can i put my name in to fit a 93 2.0 16V. Can you PM me details to pay. As a newb i dont mind if you want to wait for mine before you send out but sounds like a worthwhile mod, please let me know details. Jas
  6. Hi Tom, Sorry been tied up with house warming BBQ`s and family visits etc (the weathers been too good to be in on the computer). Can you consider it sold? I work in Ashbourne so not too far from you, can you PM me your address/contact number so i can sort our picking it up/paying. Thanks. Jas
  7. Hi Tom, Newbie to Corrado ownership and forum here, i will make time to introduce myself in the right post later. But, Is this splitter still available or has it gone? Cheers JAS
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