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  1. Thanks Dox, all sorted and back on the road again:)
  2. So my options are weld up the hole, refit driveshaft and hope no ali in the diff case. Or replace diff case at much higher cost and inconvenience. I think for someone with the ability they could solve this problem simply. Im not sure i can warrant paying a garage to do it, or paying for an engineers official report and potentially not getting a small claims result.. Before making final decision on the car just wanted some opinions on selling as is. Car is mystic blue storm, 151000 miles. bodywork is average condition. Just had matrix done, all electrics work, bba reman abs pump fitted. Engine runs great, fans work all stages. Has oil leak but i believe is small as doesn't lose oil. I have used as daily for 3 yrs without issue 20 miles a day up and down A1. Have all receipts since car registered, 3 former owners. Totally unmodified, standard car. Will get pics up tomoz before making classified add. My guess is worth around £2500 without this issue. Am thinking £1500 including spares, full rosstech software, original storm badges with case etc. Other option stick it on ebay and see what happens. Appreciate your opinions...
  3. Ok thks dox. Next question car was in 3 weeks ago for matrix and tracking. Tracking couldnt b done because of worn bush in wishbone. They fitted a new complete wishbone but i cannot remember which side (receipt in car) he said one side was no problem, the side he fitted was a hassle and much more work. Could this be n/s? If u replace a wishbone does this involve loosening any driveshaft to diff bolts?
  4. Hi, i just checked again and is the outer not inner gaiter so i guess is possible (unlikely) to carry out the work without removing drive shaft from the car to work on a bench. Looking at pic of receipt of work on 1st page do u think is likely?
  5. Am getting notes together for solicitor. Before hanging up guy said they never removed the drive shaft to change drive shaft gaiter. On inspection the bolts looked clean as if they had been refitted. Is it possible to remove and refit the gaiter without unbolting driveshaft from the flange by the diff on a corrado? Seems unlikely
  6. Is with another garage, he said chemical metal possible as temporary fix. Suggested getting 2nd hand diff case then swapping everything over with his specialist. He is concerned ali has been punched into the diff causing more potential damage
  7. [ATTACH=CONFIG]86210[/ATTACH] So... Garage has basically said see u in court. The drive shaft has knocked a hole in the diff case. Next question - does anybody know the part number for a 95 corrado storm vr6 manual diff case? Anyone have one to sell?
  8. Thks for message, tbh id rather get another place to look at it i think. This could hv been a disaster was lucky happened low speed. Was worried about the garage doin the work, owner is v experienced but seems couple of young guys with him don't know what they're doing...
  9. Thks Jim, so if clutch is ok how serious does this look? Is big job/ expensive u reckon? Is just new drive shaft or other component also?
  10. [ATTACH=CONFIG]86105[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]86108[/ATTACH] So car was in 2nd Feb, they replaced the n/s front driveshaft gaitor. Was back in 10 days ago for matrix and tracking. At this point squeeking started. Would the bolts shown falling out in the pic need removing to change the gaitor?
  11. Had car in for matrix and mechanis said he tightened n/s front bearing also. Has been squeeking since, was checked and no fault found. Driveshaft just broke. Related??
  12. I had same issue couple months ago, I've got aftermarket alarm immobiliser but there is still factory fitted immobiliser that recognises the key. I read on here somewhere to spray the wire going into the immobiliser transpnder with WD40 and refit. There's a black wire running from the plastic collar around the ignition that goes to the transponder behind the dash. Just take off the plastic under steering wheel and remove the tray by bonnet catch. Connection was very loose on my car, sprayed and refitted not had issue since. Might be worth a shot...
  13. ok good. It was a bit of a faff to be honest, i had to trace it in cad programme then open in illustrator and save as PDF so must have missed the line. Anyways, glad its sorted now..
  14. Hi Rog, look great! What was the issue with the PDF i sent?
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