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GB Ts, Cs and Guidelines

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While CF have provided this forum for you to organise group buys, the actual running of the group buy is your responsibility. The forum moderators can help you to keep the thread under control and draw attention to it, but we cannot accept any liability or responsibility if the group buy all goes horribly wrong and someone loses money.


That said, most people on here are trustworthy and will stick to their word, however, here are a few pointers to help you get things moving and not end up out of pocket...


1. Expect people to drop out - it's inevitable that people will drop out of group buys - whether it's because their C has just blown up, the cat ate their internet connection or whatever, it will happen. It's not a problem as long as you know about it, but make a reserve list! Generally speaking, if you have a list of 30 members, then expect up to 12 of them to drop out. It might not be that many, but if you expect it then you won't get stung.


2. Get deposits - if people have put their money where their mouth is, they're less likely to drop out (see 1). If the overall cost of what you're buying is relatively cheap, get full-payment in advance.


3. Don't drag your heels - if you take months to get things organised and/or don't post in weeks, people will lose interest and your GB will fizzle out.


4. Get as many details as you can up-front. The sooner you have a definite price for the item, the sooner people will commit to buying. The worst thing is having a group buy drag on for months with no definite price, then when the price is announced it's far higher than people expected and you lose all your members. It's not good for you and if you've had a supplier working hard to get you a price they won't be amused either.


5. Stick to your word - if you say you'll have a definite price by a certain date, then have it. If you're not sure, be pessimistic and put a date that you know you can beat and get the price up earlier.

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