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Kevin Bacon

The Racelogic Traction Control thread

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Had mine fitted today :clap:

2 1/2 hour trip to Stealth,(my 1st) Made to feel very welcome by Vince and his crew :notworthy:

I had upgraded from the basic kit to one with a launch control,(thanks Kev for selling me yours)

WOW !! what a difference it makes,i used to be able to spin the wheels in third !

Not with the traction on !! It just goes :luvlove:

The launch control is going to give me hours of fun at the traffic light grand prix !

How your VRTs get traction this time of year is beyond me ! Must all be down to your superior footwear !


Many thanks to Kev for organising the GB,and Vince for supplying and fitting.

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I'm glad my old kit is being put to good use :D Shame I never got to try it but it sounds like a bloody good bit of kit :notworthy:


As for VRTs and grip, I've turned mine down to 8psi and the snow rubber is helping :D


I need to sort out some proper boost control as well..... so many jobs, so little time!


Do you like the Launch Control? It's wicked :D

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i own the vr6sc that vince fitted the race logic to 8/9 years ago.its bloody brilliant!ANY driving conditions choose the appropriate setting and it just keeps everything in check.on a full launch in the wet ive seen it cut the throttle loads,regain traction and flood the power back on all in milliseconds!roundabouts-just hangs on.then full power half way round the roundabout,physically feel the back braking keeping it in check whilst on full power-astonishing!tweakable too,got mine just starting to wheelspin on the lairiest setting(20%) as a hit redline.so you know all the lesser setting av it!snow-just drive about 1-2k rpm and it seemlessly works.its pretty much seemless anyway,unless you adopt an aggressive driving style,then its noticeable without impeading progress when it cuts in.


hope this insight helps.

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2 hours ago, Tanith 1995 said:

Did this get solved ? 


the post you are asking about is from over 12 years ago im afraid

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