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Sky's 91 G60 and 94 VR6 build! Canadian content :)

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Hey everyone! I've been lurking the board for awhile and intend to hang around this place more often, everyone seems so genuine here and not a bunch of complete pretentious assholes.


Thought I would actually post what I'm up to and heard I have a car twin in the UK somewhere! Anyways, here goes..


I've decided to dig a financial grave and build not 1, but 2 corrados. I've been into VW's for about 12 years, first was a blue 1990 g60 that I had bought for $1000 Canadian, had a short life span, committed suicide on my street by the emergency brake popping off and rolling down the hill into another car, parted it out and I'm assuming it got crushed for scrap. Then I had bought a mkv GTI, paid too much and was never happy with that car, sold it, bought a very nice and clean 1991 aqua blue pearl g60 with 58,000km. Very nice, bought it on the spot. A week later another rarity came up, a 94 vr6 Ice Grey Violet one with blak recaro interior. Needless to say I scooped that one too. Best of both worlds right?? And now, I'm building 2 cars.. On to the story of them from start to present!


Here is my g60 the first day I brought it home:


Car was completely stock minus a ridiculous stereo set up that didnt work and the wheels..




And the junky, terribly neglected 94 I saved from being a breaker..





Yes, tacky tail lights, they disappear in the build.

The 94 creaks, has dings and dents everywhere, stone chips, blown suspension and an exhaust that looks like an elephants penis.. Ran poorly as well, the previous owner shouldn't be allowed to have a car if this is how he treats them.. Also has 340,000km. Hence why this is a complete redo.


I don't have much time to post more right now, but perhaps tonight I'll post more if there's interest as to seeing where the cars are now! Keep in mind, those pics were in December. The G60 has transformed a lot and the vr6 is going through a lot of work too.


Thanks for looking! And would love your guys' feedback and to see your comments!



One last pic before I sign off

Here's the two brothers at their new home :)




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Yeah yeah yeah, more posts and pics! Always good to see a good build thread come from the beginning to end!

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Lol okay! Here's a bit more then!


I started stock piling some parts..



Got a decent deal on an older style Autotech strut bar



Some samco's for the 94



An intake elbow from 42draftdesigns



Also snagged some VF-Engineering motor mounts



AND I acquired a vr6 intake manifold of hich I polished up to a mirror shine again, same with the throttle body. Later to be modified to 2.9 spec.



AAAAND I also had bought a couple sets of porsche 944T calipers for the G60 and vr6, which later I give a set to my buddy for his rabbit project. But I kept the ones for my g60, rebuilt them and repainted.



Got to work on the g60, removed the door strips and also installed the FK silverline X plus coilovers, pretty nice improvement, looked so good I decided to do the same for the vr6




Also decided to take care of the terrible Chinese tail lights and tint them and paint the chrome housin black.



They lived on the 94 for a couple months but then decided they may look better with the blue car instead, that's where they live now, but I need to touch them up again.


Wanted to do a test fit with the UK spec headlights and the Rieger grille, fits much better than with North American lights..



Looks great but I decided it would look better with mildly tinted headlight reflectors.


I used a testor's oil paint marker pen, worked great and with stands the heat.


I needed to wire up the headlights as North American bulb holders and the headlight connectors are different, so I started to search for a pro harness. Someone had suggested I take a chance and see if this chap from Eurowires would make me a harness. I contacted him and said he could make me a nice relayed plug and play harness, I wouldn't have to modify anything. Took about 5 weeks to get, but it arrived and was very well made.



The harness took me literally 10 minutes to install, 5 of those minutes was reading the instructions. Really nice quality and well worth the wait.

Shortly after I got my hands on a super rare neuspeed 3 piece aluminum intake for the g60, also had bought a spare g ladder and a new RSR outlet.




Also an HPA motorsports short shifter, which is also long discontinued.



After all that, I started tearing the old g ladder out since it was starting to make a little noise. What a pain in the ass.. Not a hard job by any means, but the bolts would all strip..




Had to pound on some extractor bits to get the majority off. Ordered all new bolts, at the same time I painted up the rear bracket. Also had to cut the discharge pipe off, thanks to my buddy, I got a new discharge tube the day after.



More later!

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Welcome to the forum! Some great work there - I look forward to seeing these projects progress!

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Thanks Jim!

Vag-hag, the pipe is still available, it says for mk3 non corrado, but seems to fit well on mine, other than a couple small issues. I'll post up a mini review of the pipe with install pictures and clearance photos.


Another bit of an update on the progress from where I left off:

Finally got those crap bolts off, and then the ladder came out!



New ladder is in with a freshly painted bracket and bolts, I'll do the same treatment on the main bracket and other parts over the winter, I'm working on my spare charger right now too with a tear down and rebuild and also polishing the casing. Also going to be porting it out a bit. This will all happen over fall/winter while it's off the road!



After that job, the week got really good.. THIS happened on the 94 on the way down to pick up some new tools..



Thankfully I have 2 corrados, G60 came to the rescue!



Started to rip out the non functioning stereo from the g60 as it was all useless.





Had my little buddy help too.



Then decided to swap over the tail lights to see how it looked.


Needless to say, I liked them on the g60, so that's where they live now.


THEN, this...





Some stupid lady in her Lexus SUV backed into the car while she was picking up her stupid kids from this stupid day care. I remember seeing her car with a good 10ft gap between mine and hers... How could she back into it?! Lost my ****, yelled like crazy and told her that she will have to pay out of her pocket because the insurance company probably won't want to fix a car this old and rare (in North America). So weeks go on and then they say "sorry, didnt think it was going to cost more than a couple hundred dollars, you should try the insurance company". I was so mad, I took it to an estimater and the guy was extremely helpful. He said "normally we wouldn't do anything on a car this old, but it's in fantastic shape, so we'll help you out".

I laid down the law on the culprits of damage and got them for a full hood respray, fender matching, bumper repaint and grille paint and replacement cost. It was a blessing in disguise due to what I had sitting in my garage waiting to go on.


At the doctors ;)



Meanwhile the wheels I had bought from a guy in Ontario on the other side of the country came in.



All finished at the body shop, painted grille, hood, fenders, bumper markers shaved and no more front plate.



Had the rear plate tub painted a gloss black to match with the grille, looks much cleaner, I'm sure I won't do it to the ice grey 94, but looks clean on the 91.



Then the wheels went on and so did the black recaros since I'm not driving the 94.



And just a morning dew shot of the g60 as it sits now.



Next up is tackling this..


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Now to tackle the 94 a bit, the car is currently sitting fully operational as I haven't torn into it yet, but I have basically everything ready to replace with brand new things. All I need are pulleys, clutch/flywheel, coilovers and a proper exhaust (minus header and suitcase delete)


Took the 94 on a 4 hour road trip to go pick up an engine, transmission and a pile of other bits for my little project. This is what fit in the 94's hatch.



And this is what came down in the van..



Managed to score an HPA short shifter that's incredibly rare as well.



Here's a bin of toys including some vr6 eibach sway bars and a hollow autotech front sway bar for the g60



Started cleaning up the transmission as well..





Looks presentable, not overly flashy, just clean.


Fixed up the fan shroud as well



Inspection time... Dirty motor that will be new soon!


Busted mid guide...


Good thing I'm building it completely! Chain time!



Pressure washed and decreased, getting ready for pant and cleaning the pistons and bottom end inspection



Next up, more of this..


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God damn that G60 looks good now! Can't wait to see more updates on the VR! I really need to pull my finger out now too!

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Yeah, The G60 looks deadly...........Weird never liked the modernlines but 2 days ago saw some on a corrado and though they look awesome- Well Done keep it up!

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Thanks gents!

I'm not a fan of modernlines on anything BUT a corrado, somehow they seem to go with the body lines and almost look like a period correct wheel for it so I jumped on the set.

Here's some more on the vr6.


The block was stripped, power washed, wire brushed, sanded, power washed again, primed, THEN painted black with 2 coats and then 2 coats of clear. I used proper engine paint that's breathable so it won't hold in a billion degrees worth of heat.. My plan for the motor is just a nice and clean reliable VR6 with a little grunt from MINOR work and just a few eliminations. There will be no EGR, ISV, or SAI pump. I'm going to need a custom chip burned or find a way to deactivate the signals that would trip a CEL. Maybe if I just pop the wires out from the harness as I'm going to be lengthening stuff anyways to hide all the wires.


So here I am building a nice fresh motor, figure I would repaint all the brackets and accessories while I'm at it, freshen everything up. The intake will probably change as it's in gettin modified for better air flow right now. I'm thinking wrinkle black between the runners instead of satin silver.



These babies looked pretty bad too..


I scuffed them up and painted them as well. Was thinking about a polish, but I'm looking for durability and low maintenance. Maybe I'll polish everything from the motor that comes out of my 94, but for now, simple is key.


Fuel rail all painted up, lower runner cleaned and painted, injectors were completely cleaned too.



And started to put a little of the engine back together.





These little subtle differences speak loudly, even though it's not chromed or polishe like mad, or some weird colour, I think it cleans everything up nd makes it look proper rather than tacky and over done. Don't get me wrong, I do like the look of some painted/chrome/polished combinations, but it's not all for me. I like clean classy and simple.




now I sent out the cylinder head for a freshen with new valve stems and seals and guides. I ordered up a set if autotech 262 camshafts and a couple other bits from various companies. It took a very long time for the camshafts to come in, damn customs... USA is so paranoid.. I bet a few people would ask why I chose 262's over 268's. well mainly because 268's sound too aggressive for this car as I'm building it for a smooth operating and not overly fast daily driver. Also the 262's show a gain through the entire power band rather that upper mid to top end. I like the torque that the vr6 makes down low, why sacrifice some down low to gain maybe an extra 2-3 up top??


So I started to strip the interior and get rid of a couple rattles like in the door.


Mainly it's because I'm anal and wanted to clean everything too


Nice wood screw PO.... Idiot...


Fixed and cleaned about everything but there are missing screws everywhere... So my buddy is going to bring his kit over one day and we'll go through it completely


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Got my chain kit, I wanted to time the lower half if the motor first, obviously.


Bang on





The head came back shortly after too




Then it's time for the head to go on in place, LOOSELY bolted, more just to keep it sitting in the engine as it would need to come off again when the cams arrive for a proper installation



My buddy stitched up a new shifter gaiter for me as my old one was destroyed and flaked off. This one is alcantara with double French stitching in grey. This will be how the door card fabric will look as well when I get some donor cards.



More later!

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A few bits ha showed up about 2 weeks ago.

My autotech cams, 42dd water pipe, SAI plug and a couple more suprises.



Nice little sock for packaging


Beautifully crafted water pipe





Nice little SAI plug




And pipe installed



Had to peel off the cam gears to transfer over to the autotech's, what a pain, they were torqued on like no ones business..



Beat up the alignment tool pretty good, but I was still able to time the engine properly with it which was a relief. Why they would make this out of aluminum is beyond me...



All timed up nicely to TDC, double tripple checked everything.



Also decided to do a little wrinkle black finish on some things to see how it would look all together, as the intake is wrinkled, naturally I would keep it with the theme, nice and clean.



The thermostat housing cover wrinkled looks really nice.



An the letters exposed for the strut tower brace



Meanwhile, the intake I'm going to use looks like this. We didnt get the nice proper flowing intake in North America, so my buddy took this one in to modify


It's the mirror polished one, Should look really nice a top the motor.


Also had picked these up off my buddy as well. Will be getting a fresh coat of silver and paired with 15mm and 20mm adapter.



And a shot if the g60 engine bay as it sits currently with the intake fitted up and a nice ITG foam filter, rather than an oiled k&n




I got bored lookin at the sad engine bay for the stock vr6, so I changed the intake for my test one to see if wrinkle would look good with ice grey. I like the polished more after seeing this one.



Also a nice clean and painted fan shroud.



That's about all at the moment!

Next will be fabricating the porsche brakes to the g60 and mk4 rear calipers and a full suspension redo for the vr6 with my new control arms with TT bushings pressed in, new ball joints and tie rod ends.


Stay tuned for more!

Edited by SkyG60

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Great work! Really does make all the difference when all the engine bits are cleaned up and freshly painted.


Love the modernlines, I think those and borbet a were just made for the c

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Thanks man!

Hopefully I'll get a little more time to tinker this weekend, just started up a new TV show though, so that's consuming my time pretty well right now!


More soon enough

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Decided to crack open my old g lader, super mint inside! Probably doesn't need a rebuild, but I'm going to do it anyways for precautions. Also decided to spend some time grinding the crappy castings off the case and do a full mirror polish.

Lots of work, but the end result will pay off!


A few pics of the progress on the back half.


Just an artsy photo of the internal..








And the casting imperfections are all gone



Now to some smoothing.. I'll post up what I got done at the end if the night, next 45 mins.

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Great thread, nice work, love the clean and mean look of the G60.

Front licence plates aren't mandatory in Canada and BC, is that right? It's an option and not law?

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Thanks Phil! Front plates are mandatory in BC, which is stupid, bikes don't require them and Ontario is the only other province where it's mandatory. At least it doesn't affect your license and most cops overlook the front plate thing if you keep it with you and a pack of zip ties.

Only time I fit a front plate on is the busy time of year for police, which is now.


Need to get some nice silver Wurth paint for the d90's so I can fit them to the vr6, the car is well over due for a positive change.

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Hey hey.


great reading this thread and see some cars gettingsome great tlc.


I got me a 42dd kit for mine and offered it up to the car yesterday, it looks like a nice bit of kit but I noticed:


no room for pcv valve, did you ditch yours?


The hose that goes to the isv wont reach the inlet, I see there is some extra hose included in the kit but the gauge is too slim. Did you source a new piece of hose for this?


its going to be tight against the strut!!


cheers and keep up the great work and updates :)

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