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door speakers and amp setup

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The components should come with a pair of splitter/filters that has 2x in  RL from stereo/amp and 4 x out, two to each speaker +/- , one set to the door and one to the dash tweeter. The splitter/crossover box is usually then hidden underneath the dash somewhere or behind the door card.

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5 hours ago, fla said:

Well i'm back on this thread again!  Goes to show my lack of ICE knowledge...


Anyway, in the interest of saving space i have removed the bass tube and wired the amp to the crossovers and then to the front speakers.  The rears are direct to the head unit.


So now with regards to setting up the door components and tweeters, what details do i need to dig out in terms of high pass and low pass filters?  What about setting up the amp?  The amp is a kenwood kac ps100.  Trying to avoid blowing the speakers but i'd like some warm bass

Mate , apologies as I cant help with this one. Definitely a different language that I dont understand. I remember having a booster and equalizer back in the days of the KLF in my Ford Fiesta 🤣🤣 Good luck with it

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Another year and i'm looking at this one again..

Thinking of another setup - what are peoples experiences of sound stages of the following:


5.25 door speakers plus slimline 8" subwoofer on the back of the back seat (eg underseat sub with integrated amp)

6 door speakers amped and no sub in the boot.


Just really to create a sensible sound stage, not car shaking bass

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