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Replacement Fuel Pump - VR6, 2015 and onwards

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All of those discussions and i still feel like I'm at square one! I thought I would splurge and get the VDO, now it's a no go... Never been a great fan of JP Group. All the info is confusing as hell... 

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2 hours ago, _Matt_ said:

Oh I see flow rate and pressure are related. 

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No, you need enough flow to meet the consumption of the engine factoring in any restriction - FPR controls the pressure and in this case is the restriction.

1 uk gallon is 4.5 litres

If at 120 mph (2 miles per minute) the car does 4.5 MPG (I’ve no idea what mpg a Corrado does at this speed, it’s just a convenient number for mental arithmetic) it will need a minimum supply of 2 litres per minute to prevent starvation, so the pump needs to overcome the 4 bar FPR the the ecu is calibrated for (excess returns to the tank) and still deliver over of 2 litres to satisfy the engines needs.




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