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Ollie's VR6 - First blog entry

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So, inspired by Alex's member thread, I have decided to centralise all my 'to-do' lists so you lot can read it and I can keep on top of it. My Corrado has pretty much been off the road for two years now but in 2011 I AM going to get it sorted! I will do a second entry with the history of the car later in the week, and I will include some pictures. I am going to try and be organised by sorting my list into sections, I'm hoping I can group them together so that all the bits in each group will be completed at the same time. So here we go:


Section 1 - Starts 7th March


New front tyres

New suspension top mounts

Fit coilovers (need to source a C spanner!)

Oil & filter

Air filter

Spark plugs

Coolant change

Charge battery

Investigate exhaust leak (probably down pipes)

Run VAG-COM diagnostics

Free drivers side central locking (stuck locked)


Section 2


Find & fix coolant leak

Check CV joints

Check wheel bearings

Check all lights

Check earth straps on bonnet, throttle body, and gearbox

Check vacuum pipe to ECU box

Check power steering fluid level

Check clutch fluid level

Clean the idle valve and throttle body

Fit new window rollers

Strip out factory alarm

Install headlight switch fire prevention fuse kit

Gear box oil change


Section 3


Fix windscreen leak

Reinstall interior


Section 4 (Brakes)


288 front brake upgrade

Mk4 rear brake upgrade

Braided hoses

New fluid

Check handbrake operation

Check brake lines for signs of damage or corrosion

Check rear break compensator valve is operating correctly


Section 5


Tint rear lights red

Buy and fit rightclick keyless entry system

Grease seat runner, door handles, door latch


Section 6 (Stuff on the list with no time scale attached - misc items)


New filler cap gasket - 535 862 287

New ignition switch

New fuel pump, crank sensor and coil pack

New rear tyres

Fuel filter

Lupo or TT wiper upgrade

Get spare key cut

Check Opertation of Spoiler and lubricate with a dry teflon based grease

Check Window operation and grease guides if needed

Check Sunroof operation and condition of seal, and drain holes

Check Underseal (under car)

Check plugs 1 and 6 periodically for oil fouling

Slacken the serpentine belt and spin the tensioner pulley, checking for stiffness

Check serpentine belt for cracking and splits

Listen to the gearbox side of the head for chain slap noises

Periodically check the lower half of the front engine mount for splitting

Buy and fit audioscape door pods - General audio sort out


I know that some of these jobs will take two minutes whilst others will take hours/days and the list will obviously evolve over time but it's a pretty good starting point. If anyone is wondering, a few items on this list came from the old servicing guide in the wiki.


Thanks for reading.

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