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Blackberry VR6, It's making my shed in the garden look good..

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Right, as promised earlier some pictures of said shed of a car.


Bonnet cable has snapped at the stupid little clip that attaches to the release handle, paint needs a lot of work, centre console is snapped as per usual on a late car (got a plastic welding kit on order along with some steel rod to reinforce it) and its generally very grotty right now.


It's had a two stage wash, first jet washed, then foamed with a universal degreaser (Megs universal degreaser 50/50 with warm water) jet washed again and then more foam but this time with Megs Hyper wash, then a quick wipe over with a wash mit before jet washing it all off.


Had a play with some scratch X to see how bad the oxidisation was, not too bad as it is coming up better after one go so it looks promising for the rotary buffer to be able to do its stuff without too much effort. The bonnet is probably a lost cause though - large dent on it, both rear edges have laquer peeling off and there are a lot of odd bits of rust on it. Easier to source a replacement item and then paint it (I am going to have a go myself) although I will get some practice in on this bonnet first.


Interior wise aside from very dirty it's not that bad, all the bits are there including the instrument binacle screw covers (although I have some new ones..) so it's just a question of a good clean and working my way through sticking felt on the back of all the trim bits and fitting new fixings in the process.


Engine, dirty but looks sound, dodgy wiring onto aftermarket MAF needs looking at, luckily I have a proper VAG group wiring repair kit so it should be easy enough, the inlet manifold temp sensor is a new item so that must be a wiring fault and the radiator is completely shot to pieces, date on the sticker suggests and 05 produced radiator so it's not done well..


Running gear, not had chance to give that a good looking at but with a set of factory VR springs on the way shortly and a complete set of bushes and links to fit that's not going to be a problem. My intention is put all the bolts etc through my electro cleaner and then replate in Zinc with a yellow phosphate finish - have to see how they come out!


Anyway, enough blabbering heres the pics..



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OMG that a one dirty car. I hope mine beige interior was dirty but compering to this one my one was almost mint. Lots of work in front of you

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