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Brake lines

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New battery pitched up and I jacked the car up this morning to have a look at the underside with the view to replacing the 2 front to rear solid brake lines that are currently an MOT failure.


Underneath looks ok, few bits that need attention where the underseal has split but otherwise ok. The car has a set of braided lines fitted which is a bonus - full set of all 6 flexis have been done.


Suspension is nearly new Weitec stuff, shame to take it off but I want the ride comfort more than anything and I already have the 16vG60 for more sporty fun (when that's back on the road :)).


No other horrors lurking underneath with a quick survey, the CAT heat shield bracket is cracked on one side, but they usually are, I think I have found the source of the PAS fluid leak and the N/S/R hole where the ABS sensor passes through is a bit grotty but again will clean up ok.


So 1st job was to get the brake lines off, all came undone ok without messing up the pipework or rounding any nipples - there is a copper pipe that runs to the drivers side front caliper so that solid line has been replaced in the past.




Next up was to bend the new pipe to match the old, first shot at this so it's not as good as I would like but it's not too bad and frankly is better than using copper pipe. Then it was onto the flaring process, I recently boughy myself a Flaremaster 2 kit which is designed to be used on the car and is rated to be able to flare OE VW pipe - steel flares. It uses a hydraulic piston instead of just tightening up a nut and after having a play with it when I got it it is very easy to use and gives good flares. Pics are of the assembly ready to flare, flare done but still in the tool and a comparison of the original pipe flare vs the new one.




Trial fitted the one pipe I managed to make up just to see if it all lines ok, pretty pleased with it and I tried making up the other solid line after, unfortunately I have run out of pipe to make anymore but had some more practice on the bits I had left.




Finally for today a quick check inside the car revealed this:




It was all coming from the underfelt I removed yesterday that was wet and had left in the car overnight, as it's nice and sunny I thought I would leave it somewhere to drip dry and get the heat from the sun.




More brakeline is now on order from VW, along with a heater matrix, drivers side bolster and a selection of new trim screws. Plan tomorrow is get the heater controls, dash surround and centre console out so I can prep as far as possible for replacing the heater matrix when it arrives.

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