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Back into it..

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Back onto usual work pattern so I carried on with the strip out today.


Decided I needed to get the carpet out, rear quarter door cards etc as it would be easier to clean up like that, the car also needs an alarm installing so it's easier with no trim in and I can do a decent job of routing all the cables.




All went according to plan until I got to the underfelt, the passenger side was pretty moist, I figured as the door plastic membrane was a bit of a mess it was probably just leaking when it rains. Closer inspection of the heater control box area showed some dreaded pink goo on the bottom clips - coolant leak :(




So I am now getting a heater matrix as well as changing the radiator - at least it will have been done and I am going to go for the genuine VW item as I don't want to be doing it again any time soon.


Rest of the car looks ok with the trim off, started removing all the extra wiring people fit for ICE and old alarm fitments just to clean it all up and put it back to factory.


On removing the passenger side boot carpet the rear suspension turret is starting to look a little funky, so it will be out with the wire brush to get it all back down to solid metal and then treated with Jenolite and painted with Zinga. The rest of the panels all ok for now but they will get a heavy attack of waxoil prior to the door card etc going back in.




New/old airbox arrived today so the old K&N cone filter is off the car and a factory airbox now sits in its place. Also had the new Sachs gas dampers for the front and rear arrive, just waiting on the original used springs to be delivered. Ordered 100ml of blackberry paint to see how that works out, the rear tailgate will need it as will the inner rear arch when I have attacked that.




Finally I had a good chat with the former owner who shed some light on a few things, it would seem that the car managed to bake the engine and had a 6 thou skim on the head to sort it out, he still has all the old history so will bring it over next time he is up my way - really chuffed about that as it's good to know what has been done.


Pictures of work in progress and one of the central locking pump and central locking/electric window ECU for those folks who have never seen one.




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Mind and keep your eyes peeled for sparkly things in there ;) Give us a bell tomorrow, found something very handy for you in the history file. The car had a full shakedown by VW just before I bought it and it makes for interesting reading!

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