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22nd November 2009, The "what I did to my Corrado today" thread...

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Sometimes its like corrados know that they need some tlc and let you know. :lol:


Friday, just as i was about to head off on a 50 miles round trip in the hammering rain my windscreen wipers finally gave up. They had been juddering all over the place for more than a year and i just kept putting off fixing them. On inspection today i found that all the linkage joints were dried up and full of dirt, as were the moving parts that the wiper arms connect to. Plus the extra pressure of the lupo wiper conversion so its no wonder the motor was having a struggle with it all.


Stripped the motor down today and cleaned everything. The motor brushes were fine. Greased the gearbox and motor bearings. Cleaned the electrical connector and then put it all back together. Cleaned and greased all parts of the the linkage and found that under all of the dirt it was actually all in tip top condition. Fitted a new relay and a new fuse just for good measure. Adjusted motor rest position and fitted and adjusted the wiper arms.


Wipers are perfect now :clap: as good as new, fast, smooth, quiet and no judder. Why did i put this off for so long!


Next... :salute:

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