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  1. Love the corrado rc car. I currently have a 1/5 scale Losi 5ive 4x4 :thumbleft:
  2. If you posted the chips to me along with a stamped return envelope i can put them in my chip reader for you.
  3. I painted some on with a small brush, gave it 5 mins or so, scrubbed with green pad, wiped crud off and wonder wheels and repeated until i was happy then cleaned out the bores as above.
  4. As above. I found that "wonder wheels" will take carbon off a treat using a green kitchen brillo pad and elbow grease. You must wear rubber gloves and eye protection. Wonder wheels will slowly eat raw aluminium if you leave it for to long. I myself did not see any ill effects when i did my pistons/head/valves the other week as the exposure time was very small and when i had finished all traces of it were cleaned off. With the pistons in situ, bring them to the top of the bores and clean them up, once cleaned up use an air compressor to blow the crud out from in the gap around the piston (or a can of compressed air pc keyboard cleaner from pc world etc), wipe up mess, hand crank the piston down the bore, wipe bore clean with rag or kitchen town and repeat many times until no crud is seen being wiped on the bore walls. Also i found by experimenting that if you put your spark plugs to soak in wonder wheels overnight your plugs will look like new in the morning :) I didn't get photos of the pistons, but here is the head and a spark plug. Before: After:
  5. Throttle butterfly wedge been removed?
  6. [TABLE=class: contentValueFont] [TR] [TD]Bid activity (%) with this seller:[/TD] [TD] 100% [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] 4 stars, 4 items bid on, all with the same seller ;)
  7. For the past few days ive been getting Error 502 again, chrome browser.
  8. Don't buy a "Byron" wireless door bell from B&Q and other such shops. My bell rings everytime the lad next door locks his saxo with the fob..! (it's No.9 on my list of annoying things in my life that need sorting :D )
  9. Great job guys, really fast and smooth on my chrome browser and looks the biz too :thumbleft: Many thanks to all involved.
  10. I was in the same boat a few weeks back, sell it, break it or fix it up and keep as a project/weekend car. My car has been sorn for the past year with mechanical issues that i could not find the time or enthusiasm to fix, so it has sat out in all weathers and is currently looking very sorry for itself. I use a company van for work so was in no desperate need of a car. I came very close to pulling the plug and breaking it up for parts. I test drove a few cars and very nearly bought a red 07 a4 s-line avant quattro special edition but changed my mind at the 11th hour, well actually i kind of talked myself out of buying it lol. So... ive decided to give it one more go, just this last time, one more chance, throw money at it, throw time at it, and the next time it breaks expensively then its goodbye!! ...maybe ;)
  11. Hi, is the bbm fuel rail still for sale? any pics? ​Cheers
  12. Could be a kinked hard pipe on the rack or most likely the internal seals on the rack. I started to put together a step by step of how to take a TRW rack apart and replace the seals if you fancy having a go at it yourself, No special tools needed. Cost me about £38 for a TRW rack internal seal kit from VW, and a few quid for rack boots.
  13. A standard remap wont work correctly. bar-tek among others sell higher kpa sensor chips. ---------- Post added at 11:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:16 PM ---------- http://www.bar-tek-tuning.com/lshop,showdetail,3392,en,1362353134-3423,1139125133.1150577408.1163014872,2160179,2,Tshowrub--1139125133.1150577408.1163014872,.htm
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