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13th July 2010, The "what I did to my Corrado today" thread...

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Saturday: Clocked, built up and fitted a new IHI turbo charger. (IHI VF22 hot side, IHI VF34 cold side)


On the way home from this years inters the old turbo blew its oil seals and shortly after destroyed its bearings which resulted in one jammed turbo, lots of smoke and oil dripping from the tail pipe, luckily i was only 19 miles from home. On closer inspection of the turbo last week it turns out that when Jabbasport did the conversion they did not fit an oil feed restrictor which is required on the ball bearing VF34 turbo to limit the pressure. No wonder it has always used so much oil.


Spoke to Subaru who supplied more info about the correct oil restrictor banjo bolt. I changed the end of the braided oil feed line for an alloy banjo fitting (http://www.earls.co.uk) and fitted the Subaru oil restrictor banjo bolt. I also added an inline 25 micron alloy oil filter to the oil feed for good measure. Fitted new heat reflective pipe jackets to the turbo water and oil pipes while i had it all apart too.







Sunday: I took the car to VAGfest everything working great. 4 runs up the strip. The new turbo seems to spool up sooner and the car now feels much smoother and responsive. :cheers:



Next... :salute:

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