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  1. Just got my bmc from stealth about a week ago. Can't fault it, sounds fantastic. Only down side they have gone up in price £220 posted but does come with the extra hose needed from Vince @ stealth.
  2. Hope fully car will be ready in the next week, so we can arrange the meet. Could all meet at my detailing unit. Any other suggestions?
  3. Great plate. Looking for a plate for mine.
  4. Looking for an original vr6 gear knob in reasonable condition. Thanks
  5. [ATTACH=CONFIG]76768[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]76769[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]76770[/ATTACH] A meet sounds good.VR is in the Garage at the moment having some work done on the breaks and various other things. Hopefully it will be ready in the new year. A Yorkshire meet would be good.
  6. Looking for the passenger side top plastic strip, moulding in black. The top of the door card. Anyone has one it will be much appreciated.
  7. Was it on a private plate when you had it? If it was yours maybe you could tell me more about the history when you had it.
  8. 60 teams setting off from Hull to Bruges then Frankfurt to Innsbruck over the alps to Prague in 3 days. Then going all the way back with 2 nights in Amsterdam. Going to be fun but knackering. Hoping the car will make it.
  9. It had a full respray in the original colour.
  10. [ATTACH=CONFIG]76642[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]76643[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]76644[/ATTACH] Hi all, Finally 1994 VR6 has arrived today, very happy with it. Needs some TLC leather needs cleaning and re-colouring in places. Paint work is fantastic, had a respray 1 year ago, no rust. Brembo brakes been ordered. Coilovers need setting up properly. The Car will be going on a 3500 mile rally trip across europe in may for charity so should have time to sort all the little bits out.
  11. I would be up for it when I have it all up and running.
  12. Thanks VAG-hag. You can come any time just drop in mate and have a nosey. I will probably take you up on the sunroof, I thinks it's one of the rails that has gone. The guy I bought it from said not to open the sunroof until i pick it up. I will have to have a closer inspection when i pick it up and it,s in my work shop.:thumbleft:
  13. No problem, pop in any time for a chat and I will have a look at your corrado maybe you can give me some tips on mine. I will pm you the address/postcode it's at the bottom of Hollins hill.
  14. It,s called Altec Detailing. Vehical detailing,leather repair, wrapping and loads of other things. Check out my facebook page Altec Detailing.
  15. Thanks guys. Yes Ruggy live in Baildon. It's going to be a bit of a project car for my company so will update on a regular Basis.
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