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  1. Todge and Corroda, yes these are still available, I'll send you both a PM.
  2. Hi there dave, just seeing if you still have any short shifters available? Cheers Tom

    Txt me if its easier 07792718342

  3. If you can get hold of a gear selector (stick inside the car) then you can send me that for modification, you just need to swap them over.

  4. Thanks for the reply, arhh I see well I daily the car so wouldn't be ideal, would it be cost effective to buy new the things you need? Then I can fit them myself?

  5. Hi there,


    Repair kit is £15.


    I don't have stocks of short shifters so will have to modify yours if you can do without it for a week?


    Price for both posted is £75




  6. Morning dave, heard your the man for a short shifter for my corrado vr6, and apparently a door handle repair kit, can you let me know how much and I will sort payment, thanks in advance

  7. Apologies for the late reply, I've been pretty busy lately. I can still supply these but it may take a little longer than normal, how quick do you need it? Thanks Dave
  8. Hi Michael, I do sell the repair kits but it looks like you're in the states? I don't usually sell into the states.




  9. Hi Dave, my name is Michael and it looks like your helped a few folks with their Corrado door handle issues. I have 2 Corrados. Both have door issues. One has completely faired drivers side, the other is sticking and failure is imminent. Do you sell door repair kits? You’re welcome to text or email if easier. Mike [email protected] or text mobile is 425-221-9991. Thank you

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