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  1. I didn't see the bottom spring plates, I'll have a proper look this time. I use AVS and classic parts, occasionally LLL aswell. Thanks for the info.
  2. I will need some parts as I want to build the fronts off the car then swap over to try to cut fitting time. In the meantime the back has come off today, will defo need the rear bottom spring plates as they're a bit grubby.
  3. A parcel was delivered yesterday......
  4. Great job and thanks for posting up your experiences, I'm about to swapout the rear beam and the Koni kit. Not looking forward to bleeding the brakes though. Keep us updated.
  5. Yeah dash out was very rewarding in the end. Pilkington Classics for the screen and no it doesn't have the Green band, I prefer it without to be honest. I replaced every piece of foam whilst the dash was out, I wanted a thorough job doing considering the size of the overall task.
  6. The cover looks better painted, matches the manifold.
  7. I've been pretty busy since my last post, swapped the heater matrix and refurbed the heater box flaps and removed all the old wiring foam and re-wrapped. Windscreen was also replaced, was dreading the condition underneath but needn't have worried, my screen fitter hadn't see one in better condition so really happy with that. I've also spent hours and hours under the bonnet, photos for a later date. Currently working on rear beam refurb and front subframe etc.
  8. They look great, worth more 😂
  9. Looking very nice Chris. Is that the cover you had off me?
  10. There's been quite a few on ebay in the last 12 months, I bought a set at £68 so yeah these are a good buy
  11. Lots of good work there Chris, will be great when it's done.
  12. I'm afraid I won't be needing one now as I've managed to repair the loom I have. Can you.please remove me from the list. Thanks
  13. All the details are on the 1st page, £90 with a £25 refund when you return yours. Thanks Dave
  14. I've got a couple of these ready to post. Thanks Dave
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