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  1. Yep I'm still lurking. I nearly came back full time but the car wasn't the right one.
  2. Hi, yep sure, I'll reply to your PM. Dave
  3. Yes I still supply them on exchange.
  4. Dave could you pm me details for Bmc filter brackets type 3 [email protected]

    many thanks


    1. daves16v


      Hi Ross,

      I'm not geared up for making them right now, going through some changes at home but hopefully back up and running in a couple of months.


  5. Not yet but it's coming very soon, just need to sort out a few things at home.
  6. It was a few years back, as far as I remember there wasn't much difference.
  7. My old VR had BBS 7.5x16 and ran 215/40, had no issues with rubbing with offset of et35.
  8. With the forum upgrade I'm surprised my post made it, subscription now isn't it? I've not paid a penny yet.
  9. Thanks for the positive feedback guys, I'm still around albeit without a Corrado on the drive.........yet.
  10. Todge and Corroda, yes these are still available, I'll send you both a PM.
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