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  1. Im going to be taking out my engine and I dunno to turbo it or just do a few bits and keep it n/a so any help would be great
  2. I have just moved from farnborough to camberley so not far :)
  3. We have to do a meet up as mine is on the road wednesday after 2 years sitting in the garage from the old owner
  4. 2001 alfa 156 2.0ts the blance belt has gone and need quik sale so £500 inbox for more info
  5. Craig Bolton


    Looks like I might me selling them then lol
  6. Craig Bolton


    Hi just wondering do 18 inch wheels fit the corrado vr6?
  7. My mate is scraping his mk3 vr6 and my corrado did not come with wiper arms
  8. They was all new parts
  9. Craig Bolton


    I have just changed the spark plugs ht leads and coil pack but now I have a missfire and wondered if any one else had this proplem and where should i start to look at fixing this
  10. Hi dose anyone know if the front wipers of a mk3 golf vr6 will fit my rado?
  11. Hi do you have any headlights and gear gatter with surround? Many thanks craig
  12. How much for the headlights and the gear gater and surround ?
  13. Heated leather seats lol so im gessing that a after market seats. As you can tell I dont know much about corrado's
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