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  1. Hi its a 2001 model the 3.6 996. I post some pictures up when I have a chance.
  2. Well we all come back. In the market for a Corrado after having some fun with a 911. Its had a major engine rebuild in Aug 2014 at Porsche main dealer. Also had IMS upgrade done 3 years (8k ago). All invoices documented to view and scanned in the ££££k ones. Its in the best colour IMO Seal Grey. Looking for £15.5k or perhaps a deal with a mint C.
  3. Yes thanks its a bit lame but I want Mystic / Black and needs to be L/M reg to sad to say why!
  4. Been away for too long on other car journeys M3,944 but always come back to the fold. I am after a minter no rubbish please been there too many times with C's looking for an easy ride now I have a decent budget!
  5. bump Now back in the country long term Still looking needs to be original sub £10k cash waiting
  6. not quite on the money, for me, fed up travel 400 miles today to visit a well lets be poilite (even if I don't feel it) average car. TBH I am now looking elsewhere. Happy days.
  7. Personally I wouldnt sell (sold my Storm last year due to lack of use....). My advice is sell only if you need the cash or no longer have storage. I have been looking for a new one over the last few months and I have concoluded that getting a good one is getting harder to find (original) I have looked at several which were not a patch on my old one.
  8. Hi L928 DNP was my first Corrado!! Nice to see its still around I owned in about 10 years ago had it for a few year and sold it to my mate. I spent a small fortune back then on body work I bought it off a guy who had left it in his chicken barn (no joke!) . Hope your enjoying it..
  9. *BUMP* Still looking - boy wish I never sold my last one now. Their are not many original ones around trekked nearly a 1000 miles in my search so far. Some rubbish traders are trying to palm off as excellent examples ... or maybe my expectations are to high. Anyway after another wasted journey this week I have decided to look at 944's also so if you know of any good ones let me know. Thanks.
  10. Search continues sold my ST and now have a cheap daily... so cash waiting ....
  11. Its a good one... and only down the road for me also but personally the colour didn't do it for me and I am after something a little more special (I know its a pretty rare colour). My last Corrado was supplied by these guys and I was v.happy with it (until I lost my storage).
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