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  1. Hi folks. A tone with a known working fuel distributor Bosch 0438 100 140 Thank you
  2. Hi, strimmer, may be interested in your seats pal. What colour and where are you?
  3. Hey dogger, When are you going to give is another special on the Corrado rear spoiler here in the UK. Just saw your old post on this. Looking forward to a favourable response!! Thanks
  4. Hi Chris, do you still have the bonnet sound proofing? Changed bonnet a few months ago but my car is a 1989 valver. Dont know hiw many different types there are but mine does not have a gum in tbe centre, if that's anything to go by
  5. Hi pal, any chance you could spare me a few from your tub at a decent price??
  6. Hi folks Im desperately looking for rear corrado beige leather door cards.
  7. The part number for the one i have which is now small after changing the motor is 535 877 847A and the part number for the other one which came with the motor is 3A0 877 847. This one is a passat one but because of its shape, it doesnt fit the corrado headliner
  8. Dubstar81,lol!! Let me get this together, I thought you were after cloth ones with green fleck!! Anyway sorry abt that, I didnt mean no harm. It so happens I got the early cloth ones with green fleck if you are interested but they are electric. Just wanna change as i have fitted leather seats
  9. Hi pal, checked my post and just realised its confusing. The one i want must have the sunroof switch as part of the interior light and take a sunroof motor that has 5 pins. Is that the one you have?? what is the part number, colour and price?? I ask this because the one i have is for the 4 pin motor and even though the interior light unit with integrated sunroof switch fits into the slot, when you fit the newer 5 pin motor, the light doesnt fit anymore. Seems 5 pin motor is bigger!!
  10. You still have them door cards??.
  11. Hi pal, still have the cards?? Are they in good nick and would you be prepared to post??
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