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  1. haha I have also done this. when the ignition is on the lights come on. also got sum additional connectors that are at the bottom of the fuse box (if you were looking at the diagram) any ideas where I can find a diagram for those?. cheers.
  2. How did you repair it? Could be high resistance in wire due to strands being damaged.
  3. the dash has been reinstalled badly from a heater matrix, so thats a good shout. il let you know what i find. cheers
  4. so having issues getting a ticket on my car due to ABS light not coming on and going out with ignition. however, the fuse went for the ABS pump a while back and abs light stayed on solidly ( so i know it works when theres a fault present, just doesnt seem to do prelim checks). has anyone come up against this problem before as i got limited free time to get to the bottom of it. and yes the ABS does work i tested it on a wet road. if anyone could help, would be greatly appreciated.:thumbleft:
  5. gutted about the engine, but atleast you know where you stand with this engine. and another corrado saved from the crush. standard rebuild or a few mods whilst in there?
  6. i try and keep an eye out after i kept getting waved at by a fellow corrado driver. i guess thats what we do lol.
  7. just thought i would get round to saying hi. drove to norwich from exeter a couple months ago to buy my first vr6. drove it all the way home (brave or stupid?). anyway not sure how i lived without really. anyone else from the mid devon area?
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