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  1. Found a pool of water in the passenger footwell. Could be end of corrado time 😞
  2. Morning. Just wanted to say hi. I've had problems with my email but glad to have my same profile. I've sold one of my corrados but still have my oldest pride and joy, my satin silver valver. Hope you are all well. I hope to have one on the road again soon. It won't be this year sadly but lots of things been going on. I do have a lovely s3 saloon. Which is taking up all my fuel and pocket money atm. Hope to be pestering you all soon for parts and knowledge. Ryan
  3. Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142074295456
  4. Hi guys. Seems quiet these days here. How would you suggest going about selling the car? I don't have time to break it. Thanks
  5. after gents.. long time no speak. I need this shifted gettin an s3 :dance:
  6. Wish someone would buy mine :(
  7. [ATTACH=CONFIG]81338[/ATTACH] That's it
  8. I'm quite sad an follow him on Facebook. He's just posted a pic of his new acquisition. Didn't look like a storm
  9. Kempy

    16v 9a Complete

    interested in a part car with a 9a?
  10. my windscreen is delaminating and I want to get the screen replaced and the seal water tight so I can eliminate that from the list of things that could be letting water in. Its not covered in windscreen cover so I'll need to replace it not using insurance :roll::roll:
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