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  1. mab

    Red rear lights

    Does anyone have a full set of rear lights in red for a g60 for sale thanks
  2. Just seen this if it's any good to someone Box of new parts on gumtree £80
  3. mab

    Spyder headlights

    Does anyone have some spyder headlights for sale thanks
  4. mab

    Smoked rear lights

    Does anyone have a full set off smoked rear lights for sale .thanks
  5. mab

    Rear window spoiler

    Yes that's the one I'm after .i looked at it this morning .it says the location is in London but in one off his negative feedback it says the item comes from Germany and not London
  6. mab

    Rear window spoiler

    Thanks will have a look .thanks for the offer as well
  7. mab

    Rear window spoiler

    It's the upper window spoiler I'm after thanks
  8. mab

    Rear window spoiler

    Does anyone have a rear window spoiler for sale thanks
  9. mab

    Eyebrow spoiler

    Would you be able to post it thanks
  10. mab

    Eyebrow spoiler

    Does anyone have a eyebrow spoiler for sale .thanks
  11. Hi has anyone got a set off smoked headlight and fog protectors for a 1992 g60 for sale .thanks
  12. mab

    Hi .will you be putting your car up for sale again at some point in the future . Thanks mark

  13. 2 listings on gumtree if anyones intrested corrado vr6 £1400 and a g6o £1000
  14. hi my friend i just think its a bit cheeky asking for help just to make £2000 profit.
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