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  1. So it is! I had it up for a year and got no way near. The market may pick up and it may sell but i v much doubt it
  2. Well shes gone. A very very disappointing £2,800. I suspect my timing has cost me a huge amount but unfortunately time wasn't on my side.
  3. 146k miles, chains not done but no rattles. and I agree on the bargain comment but I need the money
  4. HAS to go guys. 6k on the advert I would accept a huge amount less
  5. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1024400 Hi Guys, Above is a link to my corrado VR6 for sale. Ultimately the car HAS to go now so I am open to offers. Its with a very heavy heart I do this but needs must! my phone no is 07464723373 and i can provide many more pictures. The car is beautiful and has been an absolute pleasure. It would be nice for someone on here to pick her up and take care of it. Thanks
  6. Classic green, with 145k miles. Reg. is M418LYX. had MOT done about a month or two a go. Recently had major bodywork overhaul with pictures to prove and now is completely rust free and looks sensational. Also has had gearbox reconditioned and new clutch put in. Pretty new Toyo Proxes T1-R 's all round. Has full cream heated leather interior in good condition though drivers seat is a little worn on bolster. Had special custom made Polycarbonate fog light lenses so prevent the cracking so common in the glass setup. Air-con model but not blowing cold, the radiator for the air-con is missing a lot of fins so i assume this to be the problem but never bothered me. Sunroof works though is a little sticky I will try and clean rails up to help it before i sell. Storm spec with body coloured grill and bbs solitude alloys (recently powder coated and now mark free look exceptional also). Also had the headlight wiring loom updated so shines nice and bright now. Has a Toad aftermarket alarm with fob to open doors. Spoiler and abs all working. Stainless steel milltek exhuast sounds great and lowered all round to a nice height (not 4X4 off-roading height it is stock). Had new (very good) battery very recently as cold took the old one and this comes with a 5 year warranty. This car is driven everyday and gave me a smile every time i got in. This has been my pride and joy however i made a promise to myself to never hold on to a car too long so after 2 years i am now in the market for a B7 RS4 avant. I will miss this car so much and really hope it goes to a true enthusiast which is why the car will only be advertised on this website and possibly pistonheads to try and make sure the car is cared for after i sell it. Looking for 6.5k for her and will hold out for the right buyer. I'm not too proficient with this website so if you want pictures i can send via WhatsApp or email or i have documented a lot of work i have done on Facebook as well (showing off) so could add me on there. Feel free to ask questions. many thanks Michael
  7. Well might be worth the hour drive if you can provide any assistance. Obviously rewards are offered. Very ****ing busy at the minute but with the mot coming up i need to get something done
  8. Im stockport. South manchester. Is there anyway to check the pedal sensor?
  9. Hi guys, Abs light is on and what i can tell you is that it was intermittent but now always on. Used to put the brakes hard on when you slightly pushed the pedal and then the light would go on and the problem would stop but obviouslly no abs. The light flashes as the pump cycles and the pedal depresses as you start engine and theres like a tick on the pedal as you put ignition on after about 3 seconds. Had a bit of coolant come out of expansion tank as been fighting a battle with that but with that now sorted want to get this fixed as mot is coming up. Mank thanks! P.s dont know anyone with a vagcom. 95 vr6
  10. Anything to be done about the piston slap asides from rebuild? And any recommendations on valve guides
  11. Cheers just spoke with a guy from stealth and he said they normally should would be done on those miles. Might have been looking to make himself some work.
  12. Hi all, The day the vr goes bad has come and with quite a bang (literally). Although i suppose its not the vr but the gearbox. Anyways, time for a bit of an overhaul since its coming apart. New gearbox of course, new clutch no doubt, new timing chain kit (145k miles still on original) and i was thinking maybe worth cracking on with a few more jobs. She has a bit of a knock on startup until oil reaches it and runs very nicely when warm would that be worth looking at refurbing the head or am i just using ****ty oil (10w40 from tesco, the cheap stuff at that as it tends to need topping up regular). Is there any lsds on the market that are good value or a lightened flywheel or worth a skim on the original fly wheel? Basically with the miles shes on a really good service to make her good for another 140k. Thanks in advance 👍 Edit oil on floor not using👌 no smoke pulls strong
  13. Need a new one I think due to struggle on warm start. Looking on gsf there is one for £68 and since I have a 50% voucher code (feel free to ask for it as it's unlimited) I thought it would be good idea to get it however im not too sure it's the correct one. Part no is 929VG0470 Thanks guys
  14. Just checked and my passenger side rear bearing has given up. I assume this will be the culprit. Unfortunately I'm in an on going battle with the rear caliper carrier bolts. So ill let you know if it cures it once I get round to it
  15. ill have a check later. Its really rather odd because I can be doing 40/50 round a bend and shes nice and planted. 60 round the same bend im wrestling her to keep her from a crash.
  16. Something odd is happening when travelling above about 60. Any sort of cornering is met with floaty steering, seems like power steering. Not sure what else it could be though. Recently had an MOT and nothing said about bushes or what not so seems the only culprit. Not a problem when going around town but when I gave it some welly going onto a motorway from the slip road I got quite severe swaying which is fairly nerve wracking! Any help would be appreciated guys
  17. Hey are they still available? Need rear storm badge and vr6. (Damaged on respray👎) Thanks!
  18. Hi guys. Pretty sure I need a new sensor as car struggles to start when warm (fine when cold and a little while a go sometimes died on idle when hot but that actually stopped itself) . There's quite a wide range of prices for the sensors I've noticed. Euro car parts £108, Gsf £56 plus I get 40% off, eBay of course a huge range from about £28 to £80. I do want an oem part but not sure which ones are the one I want. Obviously don't want to spend too much on it and im in no particular rush to get it but obviously would like to get it sorted. Cheers guys.
  19. Yeah its a hex. Don't know what vw were thinking with them all over the place. And yeah got a fair bit of leverage on it. It just wants to round off which is the pain. I'm gonna let it settle and resume the onslaught on the bolt when I can. Not tried tightening and loosening though I'll give that a whirl thanks
  20. Ill also add it's on the rear incase that in anyway makes a difference
  21. Anyone have to remove a very stubborn brake caliper bolts. Tried bringing heat to it. Tried an Irwin bolt. And obviously lots of wd. My next port of call was going to be welding to it and trying that but I'd rather not if I can. Anyone else managed another way. Thanks guys!
  22. Nevermindad now guys found one. Thank you anyways
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