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  1. Been watching this storm as am thinking of upgrading my 16v, it's been for sale quite a while now probably mileage putting people off but does look nice.
  2. Just had an email from seller no major engine work done and does burn a little oil.
  3. It's seems that the matrix pipes going through the bulk head are not really getting hot does this mean I need to replace the matrix? Not a job iamb looking forward to so tiring to make sure before I start. Cheers
  4. Thanks, cool all the time no heat at all.
  5. Yes checked the top and bottom rad pipes and seem to be working correctly, it is a 1990 16v have flushed the matrix out when I had the car in bits and replaced the stat.do you know which is the bypass valve one is plastic and the other is metal on the pipes going through the bulkhead if that makes sense.
  6. Can any one tell me how I know if the heater matrix is faulty? At the moment I only get cold air checked all cables which seem to be doing what they should. Thanks
  7. Exactly what I was thinking going to have to hunt around the garage for the old ones.
  8. Sounds like that's what I've done, did replace brackets with the stainless steel ones.
  9. So had a look into the problem and it seems the leak is coming from the top of the rad where the fixing bracket slides into the top of the rad, took the bracket off and coolant is ****ing out strange any body ever had this? Looks like it's a new rad.
  10. Not that I can see but going to have another look tomorrow.
  11. Help needed, can anyone tell me why after having all the coolant system apart and replacing the stat all hoses I can't seem to stop it leaking from the small hose which runs from the top of the rad back to the expansion tank? It's 1.8 16v.
  12. Only when hot and not very much, have replaced jubilee clips so will give it a test tomorrow. Only just got it back on the road so finding lots of little problems.
  13. It's the pipe that runs from the filler tank to the top of the radiator, do you know if water should be constantly running through this pipe or is it an over flow. Sorry no very littl about the coolant system. Going to test again as have replaced the jubilee clip and pipe.
  14. Another question from an inexperienced wannabe, still think I am having coolant problem noticed today that there is a slight coolant leak coming from the small pipe at the top of the rad, should water even be running through there not sure how it all works to be honest. Any advice much appreciated.
  15. Thanks guys as I said probably just looking for problems after so long laid up, oil temp rose to 102 so that sounds ok and not using coolant as far as I can tell will keep an eye on it. Need to spend more money today had to get green flag out to give me a jump start right on sidmouth sea front, lots of what's the matter with that old sirocco.
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