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  1. I’d be up for this Keyo,are you getting the Mega breakfast baps in ?😉
  2. Ironically mines in the paint shop at the moment but should be out by then
  3. I might be up for Gilks,never been before and only 2hrs from Bristol
  4. Congratulations on overturning the council’s decision,just goes to show if you don’t give up,what you can achieve.These cars definitely need to be kept inside,not just for the condition but also the rising values.Look forward to seeing pictures of you breaking ground,car looks amazing as usual 👍🏻
  5. Well I think it will go for around 4-5k,prices of Corrado’s have gone bonkers in the last 8 months and it seems to me that G60’s are the most desirable at the moment
  6. I watch this series,was wondering when I would see a corrado on here,wonder if it will be on the telly and what the mathewsons think of it 🤔
  7. That bumper looks familiar 🤔
  8. Blackberry/sherry pearl maybe,parked up in Eastbourne today
  9. I think this is a real shame,I know most people will say that the value of their car going up is a positive thing,for me one of the best things about these cars was that you would get a great drivers car for relatively small outlay.As for low mileage examples,rightly or wrongly the first thing the average car buyer looks at is the cars mileage.I would have thought this car will appeal to someone as an investment rather than to drive it to within an inch of its life.
  10. The attention to detail on this project is amazing,god knows how much it’s going to cost,although the prices of storms lately,you’d probably make a profit if you sold 😂
  11. Well done mate,this cars come a long way 👍🏻
  12. I heard he got banned from the forum,is that true ?
  13. Thanks mate,it was a pleasure to meet you and see your stunning car in the flesh,it’s a credit to all your hard work,we’ll have to arrange a “non-Facebook” road trip when life returns to normal,whenever that will be 🤔
  14. That was my initial thought,so I had the front wheels balanced,admittedly at a different tyre place to where I went this morning,but this made no difference.After speaking to a few more knowledgable people than myself,it could have been a number of things at fault but thought I would start by replacing the tyres.Hopefully this is sorted now but will keep a close eye on tyre wear to see if it returns.
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