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  1. Hi - as above, now on eBay - hopefully the link will work. Could do with space back in my garage so open to offers... Located near Northampton... http://r.ebay.com/WbeBJt Thanks Gareth
  2. I'd absolutely agree with that - Jim, if this is the car I parked next to at Santa pod the other week then its definitely worth every penny (and no doubt many more!)... This needs to sell soon before I cash in my kids' Child Trust Fund!
  3. Interested in the 2 door/window scraper seal things and maybe bonnet if in good nik.... Collection non problem (work in MK)....
  4. Good to meet you too Jim - we watched the racing on the strip for an hour or so - just gone home to warm up!! Enjoy the rest of the day and I'll keep an eye out for the October meet.... Cheers Gareth
  5. Just arrived - put my embarrassing effort in day parking!! Walking round - will keep an eye out for others- cheers gareth
  6. Welcome Andy - I'm in Grendon near Northampton and have also recently joined and taken on a project.... Great people on here with lots of helpful advice... All the best Gareth
  7. Pictures of the interior as requested! Thanks to Philly-R6 for selling them to me... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Unfortunately not - it starts well, drives great for about 20 mins then as the revs build (over 4k) it just splutters with power coming in and out. It gets worse until it eventually stalls (managed to time stopping with lay-bys and hazards on so far) if I turn the engine off for a few mins it comes back to life and drives great for a while until again the same thing happens again. Any ideas? The problem kicks in pretty much at 4K revs but then once it's stuttering it happens across all rev bands......🤔 May be unrelated but the in line fuel motor occasionally makes squealing noises but there doesn't seem to be any pattern .... On a plus note, I've put in a leather interior so at least it's plush whilst I'm in the lay-bys.... Cheers Gareth
  9. Taxed, insured (£116 bargain) and mot'd!! Am enjoying the occasional short trip in it... Furthest I've gone in one go so far is 12 miles... Really enjoying the sound and driving it... Has developed a stuttering as though not enough fuel is getting through after about 10 mins of driving when revs are high - had to pull over earlier as it was starting to conk out - waited for a bit at the side of the road, started it no problem then was able to get home....any ideas? Joys of ownership! Cheers Gareth
  10. Cheers - yes I'm glad I hung onto the xr - it's done 69k and pretty standard - there's some of the original body/metal left in a couple of places too!! Project for next year maybe....
  11. Thanks Sam - yes the phrase corrosion everywhere made me smile too - suspect they don't get to use it often. He did say that it was just on the surface and would wire brush off (job for another day!)... Thanks again (and for being one of those I frequently send stupid/'help me' type questions to!!)
  12. Many thanks for your kind words - It's only because of the forum and the helpful, kind and supportive people that I've been able to make the progress I have - the number of stupid 'what does this do' type emails I've sent and 'please help' requests has been quite embarrassing but always well recieved. This forum (the people) has genuinely inspired me and made me feel I had the support when I needed to reach out for advice or parts (during what would otherwise been a very difficult time for me personally). I've learnt a fair bit in 7/8 weeks and look forward to continuing with my corrado journey. I have a 1986 xr2 in similarly bad condition that one day I also hope to 'save'..... Thanks again....
  13. Perfect - a meet up sounds good - I'm not on Facebook (social media recluse) but I think there is a meet tomorrow eve? Another step forward today - see below: Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Hi Andy - you're not too far away..... Looking forward to seeing your project (and any spare parts you may have!).... Cheers Gareth
  15. Got and fitted 2 new oil pressure switches (gsf £4 each) - just driven it 1.1 miles without issue - test journey rolled it over into 88,000 miles on the dash...... Small steps.....
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