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  1. The one they have for sale the code ends in AD which says it’s for a sharan so I would of thought the loom lengths will be different, I’m pretty sure I got the last one they had for the Corrado last year. Also £360 is a lot for that loom they were only a 120 a few years ago. There is another loom ending In AA which says it’s for the golf which again the wiring is a little longer, one thing to consider is the looms for sale are they OBD2? The rear engine loom is different by I’m not sure about the injector side loom.
  2. Oh no, within 7 hours you have gone from restoring your corrado to selling it!!!! Whats happened?????
  3. Just stripped my cylinder head and I have some cracked valve guides, I had new ones put in and they had the shoulder on them, now I have ABT 268 cams so I’m guessing this is the issue, Has any one else run high lift cams with shouldered guides and if so what was done to compensate and stop them from being crushed. Would. Have to source none shouldered guides or possibly stick with an original untouched cylinder head.
  4. Just got my self some forst leads from heritage, definitely a lot better quality and solid than the cheap leads you get from euro car parts.
  5. No, all good now got a sensibly priced one from eBay, been trying to reply to people who have offered to sort me out but the site has gone screwy and i can't access most of the content or send messages. Cheers edit: "well this worked"
  6. I’m after the large tube that fits to the throttle body mines cracked, If any one has a spare elbow at a reasonable price give us a shout. Cheers Ben
  7. VW heritage sourced it for me from germany, i think i got the last one which was lucky as i held of for sometime before purchasing it.
  8. My VR is an early 94 so I have found a few variations in parts from late to early cars Be interested to know what cars had the 4 pin and 5pin as I’m sure the MAF has a different number of Terminals depending on the model
  9. Been looking at the loom side of the lambda sensor and i have a 5th wire not connected its part of a sealed rubber casing containing two other wires and 2 other wires that are separate, its 4 pins for the sensor so im unsure about the 5th wire, i have only checked as i have had a ground fault thrown up for the lambda. The red white wire and brown are the separate wires, the white wire has been cut into black on the plug and the black wire from the loom is left cut. Any ideas on what sort of bodge this is? did some lambdas have a 5 pin plug?
  10. Recently replaced and repaired all the wiring in the engine bay and this seems to of cured the issue of the temp readings, i bought a new front engine loom as the old one was seriously knackered.
  11. I bought a Henry Mini last year, little blighter is awesome.
  12. Well the BM are £55 just seems a little to cheap to be any good and I have generally had bad experiences with pattern parts
  13. Well I may risk a second hand one on eBay
  14. Hey, i have had a leak on the vr6 exhaust manifold leading to a bit of a blow, not unpleasant but could be effecting performance. Now i have noted a couple of things the mating surfaces for the gaskets on the cast iron are not perfect and quite rough in places, so could this be an issue? Also the two flexi pipe that connect into one are leaking air, i have just taped the ends up and then pumped air in to check for leaks and these are causing quite a leak so would these be an issue or is this normal on exhaust manifolds. I have looked at new ones but they are £800 from germany or you can get aftermarket jobs made by BM for £ 55 unsure if these are any good? Any input appreciated. Cheers Ben
  15. Yep adjusted the nut on the pedal all sorted
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