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  1. Thanks - I found one second hand
  2. Hi All, I want to get a stainless steel exhaust manifold for my 1993 VR6. Has anyone bought one before? and can you recommend where to get one from?
  3. Does anyone know where I can get a new Flywheel? I have the part number as 021105273H but I can’t find it anywhere, checked the usual places.
  4. Thanks everyone. I haven’t had the dash out yet but there are definitely no pipes connecting it to anything. The previous owner had smoothed the engine bay so there’s very little there.
  5. I bought a Corrado VR6 and it doesn't have a heater matrix. Can someone please let me know what I need other than the heater matrix, pipes etc.
  6. I bought my '93 Corrado VR6 in May 2017 - with very little knowledge of the car and the engine. After speaking to friends who have an interest in VW cars, I found out that the engine is not an original Corrado VR6 engine, it was out of a MK3 Golf. The engine bay has also been partially smoothed (badly) so there are things that are missing from the bay. I say badly because the air filter was behind the engine and above the exhaust manifolds. [ATTACH=CONFIG]92959[/ATTACH] Our assumption was that a previous owner had tried to supercharge the car, hence the bay smoothing and some pipes being in a strange places. They blew the original 2.9L engine and replaced it with an 2.8L out of the Golf VR6. This didn't particularly bother me because it was drivable. However, I had persistent over heating issues to the point where I would get coolant temperature of 120 and oil temperature of 140. After changing the thermostat and trying coolant additives it still didn't make a difference.I've had it block tested and its definitely head gasket failure. I took it off the road and put it into storage while I decided what to do with it. Current Problems with the VR6 Current engine head gasket failure No heater matrix Power steering bar is covering the oil filter housing Oil cooler failure Water pump failure as a result of head gasket failure Multiple coolant hose rupture due to head gasket failure Bonnet cable snapped Hazard light switch blows the indicator relay Rear fog light out Most of the sensors don't work Cables like a rats nest behind the dash Speakers aren't wired in Radiator full of rust Good Things about the VR6 It's a good colour The sunroof doesn't leak It sounds amazing It's a Corrado It's fully polybushed [ATTACH=CONFIG]92962[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]92965[/ATTACH] I have a 2.9L engine ready to go in now, the next post will be more about. If anyone has advice or ideas I would love to hear them.
  7. Hi - does anyone know if this is still available? I can't find how to use it anywhere.
  8. Have you got the clocks?
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