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  1. It looks like somethings making contact with the cooler, get that investigated man!
  2. Surely you mean bar, either that or theres your problem, my G60 was at a bar on pressure at idle warm. 2psi is drastically low
  3. That twin inlet stuff is fuckin cool, looks like a well made bit of kit is it expensive??
  4. .....when you know so much about the mechanicals of one that you can advise VW mechanics on how to fix it
  5. Insurance is quite a bit mor ethan the rad but as for petrol, seems to be the same as the G60 as long as i dont get carried away s.g - Liking the wagon, som eof them out there are cool as fork
  6. Hahah nice try matey, its provisionally sold to cheesy, ripped my hand off. 2 doors are quite uncommon, import only and only on the type r model, over here we got some 22B's and the P1 but aye on the whole bit rarer and more desireable Personally i just think they look better
  7. Hahaha, i sure hope so man As a matter of fact i was half thinkin about some BBS rollers for her but ill have to recover from the initiall outlay first :lol:
  8. Aye all the hype about it sticking to the deck like the proverbial poo to a blanket is no lie like, its been a while since ive been scared of a car, but a bit of fear is healthy isnt it?? As far as servicing and stuff theres a specialist up here and hes quite reasonable when it comes to servicing, the cars also got a full service interval, gotta be rare for an import eh? Cheers for the comments guys
  9. Yeh, had to be a 3 door, pretty happy to be honest
  10. Shes standard running 296bhp and she cost far too much but by christ its good fun:)
  11. Here she is Sti, version 5 Type R They are awesome cars like, pity they have a tarnished rep cos of some idiots like
  12. Yup i did this convertions 2 years ago at chrimbo, its relatively easy as far as engine swaps go, feel free to pm for advice if you think you'll need it. 1. Id go for about 500 notes, easy around a grand its its fresh and the chargers got plenty life 2. Ye can aye, they are the same size and shit, dunno about the ratios, i just opted to take the G60 box but theres a lot of chat about the 16v box having better ratios 3. Yup, i used the 16v pump but put fresh ones in, came to about 120 notes from gsf for the under car one and the in-tank one, as far as fuel lines go, one you've taken off the metering unit, you'll see the 'in' and 'return' lines. I chopped off the banjo ends that the k-jet uses and trimed back till i found the plastic pipes inside the rubber, one is black and one is blue, just match these up to the ones off the G, using a bit of fuel hose to fill the gap if needs be, i got some from halfords for a fiver, sweet 4. Ye wanna ask darren at G-werks, he'll help ye out, saved me a lot of greif with mine, top lad. 5.I think its a ribbed belt off of a peugot or citoren but no sure. Good luck with it matey, its a good learning exercise just dont skimp out on stuff, do it once do it right and remember, when the lumps out it would be a prime time to change the rack if its never been done, would take ye about an hour instead of about 8 from under the car :lol:
  13. Rossco

    Spoiler relay

    I dont, thus question on here, its a h reg 16v, anyone??
  14. Rossco

    Spoiler relay

    Couldt find anything on the search, just a simple one like, does the spoiler have a relay and if so what numner/where is it. Oh and is it fuse 16 that it runs off of, its gone up but decided not to come down
  15. Rossco


    4 hours???!!?!?! Jesus man, id kill to be 4 hours away from darren, considering the awesome help he was to me on the phone a 4 hour drive would be a pleasure to endure so he could tell me how my motor is, you guys have it good like
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