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  1. the live for the lambda shares same feed as fuel pump, bet the lambda live has scuffed through and is earthing out
  2. they only go on 1 way as bolt size is different
  3. flusted

    g60 vacuum pipe??

    sounds like cc vac
  4. i wouldnt of thought so, you will get the contents of the pump drip out though
  5. check for the live at coil on cranking, as above could be ignition switch
  6. yeah the int shaft drives the dizzy. take your cap off and when at tdc the rotor arm should point the notch in dizzy
  7. yep as above, stops it sucking only through the lower cold feed which prob would suck up water if that was its only feed
  8. you wont get water up there, its to tighter angle and its not the sole feed for the box
  9. i think that ufo shaped thing on the airbox controls it
  10. 12v across it will make it click open
  11. 1k fine? where did you hear that? avoid the 50mm, its prob worth 1bhp at the loss of torque.
  12. mk2 golf 16v rad is the same as rado
  13. Try the usual things, all earths ecu vac hose 1m long
  14. Thats what mines like. about 11 WOT, i wound out my co pot to 2000 ohms and that got me 13-14 on idle
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