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  1. Sorry dave i managed to get it fixed, how much do you charge for the short shift mod? And also are you on Facebook by any chance.. easier to communicate i find this forum difficult lol as im a newbie!

  2. What is the problem with it?

  3. Hi will you be able to repair my door handle??

  4. Join Date 23rd September 2018 Location East London Posts 1 East london newbie Hello all, i am new to this forum and not going to lie i am kind of nervous lool! I have owned my Corrado for almost 2 years now... It started its life as a 1.8, however down the line of the previous owners it has had a Mk3 2.8 vr6 conversion done. I am very new to all this car building projects, i do see alot of helpful threads, only problem is with my lack of mechanical knowledge i am scared to take things apart and breaking it lol! I was wondering anyone around East London who can help me that know these corrados iside out lol??! I have quite a few problems with mine! Buying a car having an engine swap is kinda tricky as i have to research on the Mk3 vr6 lump rather than the corrado vr6 2.9 lump, although i am guessing their similar engines or the same. Problems i have: 1. Intermittant electrical issues ( there are days where all the electrics are working ie sunroof, heaters, fog lights, wipers, heated seats) but then the next minute it will all stop working!! 2. Rear spoiler switch does not work neither does the manual method it doesnt go up or down. 3. Driver side door handle randomly stopped working one day!! I now have to go in through the passenger side lol. 4. Stereo - stays on but the sound goes on and off over bumps lool and then no sound at all lol! Im guessing this can be shown to a car audio place.. maybe needs mew wiring. 5. Steering wheel - i am guessing it has power steering... but it feels a lot more heavier than my mates genuine Corrado Vr6.. not sure why this could be hmm... 6. Reverse light - no reverse light, i have changed the bulb still doesnt come on!! I have read it could be the reverse switch.. but i was unable to locate it! 7. Gearbox - 5th gear, driving down the dual carriage way one day and i realised everytime i pop it into 5th gear it actually slips down into 3rd!! Soo annoying!! Not sure why but i have read it could be something to do with Syncros?? So thats all the things i could think of at the moment.. i just really want someone to have a look at the car and tell me whether i have bought my self a money pit or if it just needs some tlc and It should be all good!!
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