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  1. Thanks Have tried some breakers but struggling to find this variant - mostly ones ending in A or no letter available Will give Venhill a call
  2. Hi This is the first time I've used this forum for anything more than getting helpful information from you all - thank you! I'm close to getting my N-reg rhd VR6 back from the body shop after a longtime without it and the accelerator pedal has started to stick so I've spent days looking for a replacement - seems impossible to find them for my late chassis as the variant of cable was only used for the last year of production. Does anyone have a spare for sale please - part number is 536721555e? Thanks R
  3. And if including front grill badge too please?

  4. Hi. Are you still doing the brushed aluminium script and VR6 badges? How much for the pair posted to UK and what payment method do you take? Thanks

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