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  1. i understand your point, personally ive never had an issue with either of the spade connector versions ive been running for many years ive not looked for OE connectors but may have a quick search
  2. Hi All. Long story short i had a cable routing issue & have inadvertently rubbed through my uprated headlight loom 😞 On a whim i sent KUR2Y an email, as he used to be a member on here & made the looms i run in both my corrado's - he has done several groups buys on here He has kindly agreed to make me a new one & is considering making a batch, so.... Would anyone on here like a 3 relay uprated loom? Main benefit of a 3 relay over the usual 2 relay ones knocking about is that if 1 relay fails you only loose one side dipped beam rather than both sides going & leaving you in the dark or on high beam they are not normally made with OE connectors to the headlights themselves but ive never had any issues with my 2 not sure on price yet but im sure they will be very reasonable
  3. thanks, i thought that might be the case - i already run 10mm spacers on the front so as the speedlines clear my 4 pot brakes the center bore is listed as 56mm but i think ours are 57.1 - im guessing a hub-centric spacer could give me the clearance whilst addressing the center bore difference too out of interest how do you find running 17's? i was under the impression 16's are better for ride quality
  4. thanks shaun, 1st time someone has explained that so it makes sense lol hmmm, now should i load the credit card up or not
  5. i was of those very thoughts to keyo - its great for us if it does as it bodes well for agreed value insurance
  6. will they fit seems to imply they will be ok, just sit inwards a touch - 6mm i think
  7. hi all can anyone help with figuring out if a wheel would fit & if spacers would be needed pls wheel spec is 16" , 6.5J, ET49 im on coilovers so can adjust height as needed, its just the offset im unsure of
  8. welcome - this is the best place ive found for Corrado's ive been a member of the community for years & we have lots of helpful members with loads of info
  9. tits - didnt read the 1st post sorry LOL
  10. blue magnecor's on my VR6 - a little gentle fettling & they will fit into the channels
  11. nice tan FYI i would recommend retaining the constant tension clips on the hoses rather than use jubilee clips
  12. Hi cress - ive put some suggestions alongside your original text m8
  13. nice pics - sorry i didnt make it, was a heavy day on saturday!!
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