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  1. just go gentle m8 i managed to do mine without getting fuel in my mouth lol
  2. siphon is simple m8 from the filler cap, literally shove a hose pipe down there & suck
  3. yeah that all makes sense - i just wondered as i always let all me cars warm up on idle for a good few minutes before i drive off but then i also always go the long way on short journeys to give them a run
  4. poor throttle response could well be a gunked up throttle cable - how does the go pedal feel under foot? is it very stiff in both directions? once you have emptied the tank, filled with fresh & got it running again you can manually move the throttle from under the bonnet - this should give you a feel for where the lack of response is the gear selector on top of the gear box can become very stiff & sticky when sat for that long - get it sprayed well with wd40, leave to soak & then start manipulating the gear selector itself it took a good half hour at least of wriggling on my 16v to get the selector moving freely again
  5. any idea why people say that dox? ive never understood it tbh
  6. my 16v refused to run on the old fuel but after draining the tank, filling with fresh 99ron, fully charged battery & a can of easy start sprayed around she fired up after a few turns it is worth whipping your spark plugs out to check for their condition also have a spray of wd40 on & around the alternator belts etc as long as your length of hose is long enough & the container you are emptying is lower than the fuel tank it is easy to siphon as for idle adjustment, AFIK there is a small idle screw you can play with but it is very sensitive so very small adjustments when you do
  7. hmmm how much old fuel was in there? it would have been preferable to drain the old stuff first 92 is an early i think so shouldnt have an anti-siphon filler so should be easy to get the majority out
  8. what year is it? my 16v is a '90 & i was able to siphon the old fuel out using just a length of garden hose did you empty the old fuel out before putting the 6 litres in? a can of easy start helped to get my 16v back to life after it was sat for a while - these cars dont like to be sat still for extended periods
  9. g0ldf1ng3r


    as cressa said - you want to be checking the fuse board under the drivers side dash to begin with AFIK the only fuse under the bonnet is for the rad fans
  10. g0ldf1ng3r


    sounds like a potential fuse issue if all 3 have gone suddenly
  11. corrado with a roof rack spotted whilst watching Trailer Park Boys - season 11
  12. hi sean - thank you kindly for the input! that is the stuff i had in mind, i will have a search & get some 🙂
  13. yeah if im honest shaun i did think that too about the order im doing things but i will be giving the polishing a final once over & then lime powder finishing to remove any lingering grease before they go off to the powder coaters sticky not tacky is the one - i will have a look about & thanks, i am starting to get excited about finishing them now & cant wait to see them on 😄
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