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  1. g0ldf1ng3r

    Wiring amp

    im not sure amp's are designed to operate that way most need a fused live feed direct from the battery & then use the remote wire to signal it to turn on/off once the head unit is turned on/off why would you want to switch the amp on manually on its own?
  2. hi Hasan one blackberry & one white but cant remember which side in which colour lol im sure i could be persuaded to part with them once they are swapped over
  3. great thanks cressa, much appreciated do you want to PM me your paypal & i will get the funds sent over to you 🙂
  4. tidy, thanks for offering to test them i will take them off your hands pls if they are m8 🙂
  5. small update with progress on the modena's after cleaning up the faces i wasnt happy with the finish where the bolts go so yet more polishing had to be done - am now much happier with them & am onto the 3rd of 4 finally
  6. Hi Cressa Do you know if the motors in both of these work pls? I have one dodgy on each rado & on opposite sides lol thanks
  7. ive not had 288's so difficult to say but there is a mechanical difference to consider as they are not a sliding caliper like OE ones, they are a proper 4 pot system
  8. not cheap but i made a saving by getting my mechanic to process the purchase so HiSpec gave me trade price (which essentially was the VAT off if i remember right) as with most things i believe they have gone up in price recently but i think i paid around £650 which was for everything required - so, calipers, brackets, braided hoses, discs & pads. only thing i had to purchase extra was 10mm hubcentric spacers. i put full info in my build thread somewhere i find them fine on the OE servo etc, the pedal is what some would describe as quite long but you get used to that & the performance from them is night & day compared to OE calipers
  9. hi m8 AFAIK 4 pot upgrades normally need a 16" wheel minimum - which was a main reason i went with the HiSpec 4's as they are manufactured to fit under the 15" speedline but i may be wrong
  10. not those ones ive seen they company that id seen make them in all fancy options - last one i saw was carbon but then had a red clear coat over it i will keep looking & sure they will pop up at some point - note to self i really should write these people down when i see them
  11. tidy - yeah all good now not sure which car i will have at that point though but still be good to say hi 🙂
  12. as usual i cant find the preious posts id seen on fb & their search function is a waste of time 😞
  13. there is a company on FB making carbon fiber ones that look really lovely & come in different carbon colours/effects too - definitely the way i would look to go when i replace mine on the VR
  14. ha ha ha why thank you kind sir - & yes, brakes 2nd to the X1 kit you are correct 😄
  15. damn it - i cant make that one as currently rota'd on for a 12 till 8 that day i can try & change the shift but could make the week after on 27th
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