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  1. hello again ok, ive spoken to the maker - he is in Dubai working for the next couple of weeks & is happy to crack on with the looms once back could everyone who has stated their interest pls send me a PM with your name, address, personal email & phone number this will make it much easier for me to track responses & keep things moving once ive had a PM i will email from my personal account 🙂 i will check back in a few days & if not many replies to this post i will send out messages on here thanks all
  2. hi all - apologies for this going quiet. life is very hectic & a change of job means im not on my laptop all day any longer i am trying to be more active on here though i have emailed the maker again today, i will update once i have a reply i have also checked the OE connector supplier & dont think they have a minimum quantity order - ive sent the link to the maker also, i have updated the list with the 2 below, which puts us a 12 looms requested monkeyman joehunter Pls do let me know if anyone wants adding or removing
  3. i think MB Trim in Redditch would be able to help but you may be a distance away FYI i have used them several times & Bernard who runs it is very helpful & skilled
  4. happy to report that after 14 months the VR6 is finally back home with essentially a brand new underside & nut & bolt restoration plus the Autostrada Modena's are on & looking mighty fine if i do say so myself lol pity you cant see any of the work that has just cost me a small fortune (over double what i had guessed at) but the first few journeys out have made me realise quite how much i had missed this car! the ride is sublime & the refreshed KW's feel great & the noise - nothing quite like it spent most of the weekend cleaning & resinstalling the interior, only sub & door cards left a quick pic from a gloomy drive today
  5. hi there i had similar with the Kamei eyebrow - only way to fix it down was to screw into the surrounds i guess you could try some heavy duty sticky tape of similar
  6. email sent list update: daves16v philipc oneohtwo jared_nomak chrisL gixervr6 ratharrison johnpmc22 mark.mccourt [email protected]
  7. catching up on this & looks like we should have 10 now - i will drop the maker an email & check it can go ahead
  8. similar to matt - ive put 205/45/16 on the 7J front modena's & then 215/45/16 on the rear 8J modena's virtually no stretch on the 7's & just a little on the 8's
  9. drop your name on here Triple relay uprated headlight looms - Page 14 - Forum Group-Buys - The Corrado Forum (the-corrado.net) i will send out some PM's to those who have put name down so far & try to get it moving along
  10. hi many members use an uprated headlight bypass loom to achieve better lights - essentially they allow a more direct contact to the battery as the factory loom looses voltage as it has to travel from battery to headlight switch in dash & then down to the lights ive ran one for years & use Ring xenon max bulbs & the last production run i helped organise used OEM style connectors to the lights making it a very simple install
  11. that is a great post to see dave! remind me how much they are again pls? & is it still a case of sending you the one taken out? i will message the guy who brought my 16v
  12. hi everyone ive messaged the maker today to check he is still good for making another run of looms & will update once ive heard back from him he was ok to do them last we spoke so im just double checking i make a count of 7 requests for one so far as of today
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