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  1. Whilst most of my interior is out i thought it might be worth asking if anyone can point me in a direction to fix my drivers heated seat relay buzzing? it doesnt do it all of the time but more often than not & always when i want a warm bum sometimes i can turn the dash switch up & there is no noise immediately but then the relay starts buzzing like mad, other times it buzzes as soon as you turn the dash switch on the passenger side doesnt do it i think i tried swapping the 2 relays over but cant remember exactly the outcome thanks in advance
  2. g0ldf1ng3r


    i can vouch for the JL Audio's m8 - they sound superb in the audioscape pods 😄 but they aint cheap!
  3. g0ldf1ng3r


    ha ha ha i know where 1 is m8, albeit missing the front splitter 😉
  4. relisted on ebay but as an auction this time it is having a fresh MOT put on it this week if any members on here wants it i will take £2250
  5. thanks - im looking forward to having some fun in the R53 & also a newer motor with all the tricks - the SC with miltek stainless sounds awesome!! yeah shame about the sale but feel sorry for the guy getting laid off a month before christmas i think i will try the 16v one last time on ebay but on auction with a reserve rather than a buy it now with offers
  6. no sadly the front kamei splitter is missing on the 16v in the 7 years i was parted from it someone obviously didnt know what they actually had & removed it 😞
  7. oh poop - the poor guy has just been laid off work & has had to pull out 😞 ho hum!! back on sale & price drop to £2500
  8. yeah i will be sad to part with it but then the VR6 is almost done & now has one of the features i loved about the 16v - the Kamei X1 kit 🙂 it has been replaced by a 2004 R53 mini cooper S - which i got a bargain on!! 82K, fully loaded with xenon headlights, heated full leather interior, sat nav, air con etc & factory option chilli kit which is bumpers & skirts. plus it has been breathed on with uprated intercooler, 17% pulley, ram air induction & stage 2 remap - think it has more horses than the VR6 lol i will be changing the 17's on it though for some 15" * 7J Zender Star's which i recently picked up for a very good price
  9. you would think so but 2 weeks on ebay & only 1 offer had to drop the price more than i wanted but it is time to part with it & hopefully it will be gone on thurs my VR6 is the investment & ive not the money nor the inclination to restore the 16v unfortunately on a good note, its replacement arrived on saturday 😄
  10. he only has the rear view mirrors m8 as the clip is normally bonded to the windscreen (so would be sold with a screen)
  11. have you tried lilfuzzer who used to be active on here? i can drop him a message if you would like? he has sorted me out with a wiper motor & drivers wiper linkage this week & is normally well priced (FYI he is my go to person for used parts for corrado's)
  12. g0ldf1ng3r


    they may well rocket in an auction - last set of late ones i saw were over £250 i have some in my VR but had to cut the window switch opening myself as there were for early model i love mine as i put some 6" JL audio in them (or 6.5" i cant remember) - however they do mean you need to open the door fully to get in else you can catch them with your foot easily problem with the factory speaker housing is that you cant put a speaker with a large magnet in them else they push the door membrane back & cause you leaks
  13. i had my VR done at Alcester Car Care & the result was fantastic unfortunately it took a much longer time than quoted, mainly due to the 1st covid lock down but also as it seems many body places always take a lot longer than they say - however it is quality of work that counts 🙂
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