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  1. ha ha i have a supercharged R53 mini as well which is fairly modified & i love the way the charger screams lol
  2. thanks cressa it will just be nice to have a remote fob & full closure back again....oh & knowing it has a decent system on it finally lol i went with Sigma as that was what i had installed on the 16v when i brought it for the first time. i had though similar & seen your thread, i am going to have a look see & chat to a friend for recommendations as she has a Ducati bike & may use something on that i think the Kamei X1 front spoiler was the best out there at the time & that kit was part of what made me fall for the 16v so much. i was chuffed to bits & quite amazed that i managed to get hold of another full kit to put on the VR6 & all thanks to goldie on here for allowing me to get him to part with it 😄
  3. i may have an air filter but i cant remember what i did with it after having the BMC fitted, i i will look i possibly have a steering wheel as well but i know that it would need a retrim as the leather has split on it
  4. that is good news easy i dont suppose he mentioned anything about fixing some of the issues mentioned above did he?
  5. the BMC are superb & sound great drop daves16v on here a PM & see if he still has any of his polished BMC mounting brackets, thats what i have on mine & he has been back on here recently the sub is in the boot, it is an integrated unit so has the infinity amp & 10" sub all in one casing i have put a square of mdf kind of board under the boot carpet & then screwed the sub feet onto that, it stands in the front right hand corner of the boot & allows most of the boot to be used the audioscapes are designed to allow you to fit a much deeper speaker magnet, i had the issue with the OE door pods when i had infinty 5.25's in there as they were very deep
  6. thanks mic good to see you back on here & feeling the love for yours again that colour really pops in the sun in that pic!
  7. thanks chris i think they were blasted & then either re-plated or painted the final bill is going to really hurt the funds but it is pretty much brand new underneath & with the Modena's on it will be finished as ive given up on a VSR & console gauges - though i do have an early faceplate & VDO gauges to potentially fit in the future
  8. thanks Matt ive used the same mechanic since i was 17, so long in fact his son is now gradually taking over from his dad they have done an incredible job & i agree the level of detail & workmanship is superb basically everything has been stripped, anything that could be blasted & coated has been done, new parts where required or sensible to replace tired stuff, bolts & fixings etc re plated & the brake lines were hand made by them also needed a refresh on the KW's as after about 80k of use when they were removed the springs & follower springs were in bad shape so shiny new there too. the struts themselves are still in great condition & cleaned up very well i ordered a new Sigma S30 CAT1 yesterday as well so will have remote function & full closure back finally
  9. thanks everyone! it has been tough on the wallet & taken much much longer than anticipated but it is basically brand new underneath my mechanic told me about raptor underbody seal which you can add colour too so i thought seeing as id gone this far i may as well have the underside a close colour match to the body lol i popped down last week to see if & how the Modena's are going to fit, it was only a quick mock up to check clearance but here are 2 sneak pics (rears not spaced out to match fronts yet though)
  10. i have those cams too Matt, as well as a BMC & Stealth map - the new map Vince did was a vast difference compared to stock as for the audio side, i have JL audio 6.5's in my front audioscapes & infinity kappa 6*9's in the rear shelf - id say for most that combination would be sufficient i did find that you have to be careful if upgrading the front door stock speakers as if the magnets on the new ones are too deep they will push the door membrane back & allow it to leak - it took me a lot of figuring out where that water was coming from before i got the audioscapes i did also have a Pioneer slimline amp & sub but found it too lack so managed to grab a bargain 2nd hand Infinity Basslink, which is over twice the size of the pioneer but it is leagues for what i was after
  11. let me know how that goes i know i still have my mod rights & i do try to keep on top of spam users & spam post as best i can - im not sure who else still has mod rights though
  12. Hi john & welcome there are normally Bentley workshop manuals available on ebay etc, they dont cover everything as are a US manual but they are a great buy
  13. ive transferred all pics from phone to laptop but i will need to resize them before can upload all due to the size limits for now a few of each stage
  14. why id never though of just attaching it lol always tried to wiki it previously but hey ho i will have a look at the sticky thing for this post Replacing the heater matrix.doc
  15. great post i do have a full guide with pictures that i send out on request as ive never found how best to upload it here
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