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  1. thanks m8 the washers had to be tackled as there was no way i was cutting the carbon bonnet - i will try & get some pics & upload them once it has gotten a little warmer it is nice that they spread the washer fluid as they move rather than the static jets just hitting a small area
  2. where the hell did you find that!!??
  3. i really must get a pic of the VR6 front end with the Hella covers on, they make it look great
  4. quick update - will get some pics soon but my god why had i not fitted lupo wipers before now - what a difference! also had to install some blade located washer jets as didnt want to cut the carbon fiber bonnet & they wash great as they move with the wipers & cover the entire screen highly recommended!!
  5. chicken dinner - sounds very healthy 😄
  6. they look nice i brought myself some zender star's late last year in a 15" 4*100 - same as the ones in the image
  7. late model ones too & brand new - these may command a hefty sum! crazy really when i couldnt sell an entire corrado for 2 grand lol
  8. love the SP2!!! pity they werent available in the UK
  9. as long as you are happy that is the main thing appreciate your thanks m8 & am glad the looms turned out as well as they did - was well worth persevering with the OE connectors
  10. hello m8 just out of interest have you checked the actual light output differences between stock & uprated loom? i run ring xenon max bulbs in both my rado's with the uprated looms & the difference to standard is definitely visible
  11. nice explanation Dox thanks 😄
  12. thanks for the kind words - im glad you are pleased 😄
  13. ha ha ha!!! thankfully it was there waiting when i got home from work last night 😄 they looks great & cant wait to fit it when i get chance!
  14. ahhh poop my loom still hasnt arrived yet - i hope it hasnt got lost along the way 😞
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