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  1. the cartridge is being removed & completely stripped m8 took the opportunity to have the head liner etc retrimmed too
  2. thanks cressa IIIRC i have already changed the motor for a better second hand one a few years ago it used to move ok on manual but motor struggled so am hoping it is just gunked up & the tension cut off is not letting the motor strain
  3. MJA Tigerfish Ger040 *2 TimA Bfstrachan mnmv12
  4. currently at 6 requested (if GER040 has 2) need another 4 or 5
  5. precisely what is happening on my VR atm - hopefully it will revive it
  6. guys - i dont mean to put a dampener on things & i will ask but i have ran three of these looms to date & one of them for over 10 years with no issues & even without OE connectors, just taped up spades please bear in mind that neither Zak or myself make any money for the time we put into these, we do it out of love for the corrado & to help members on here, plus with his offshore commitments time is very limited if you mount the the loom well there really isnt any need for water protection IMO when i ran the new one into the VR i was able to fasten the relay section on the front of the washer bottle so chance of them getting wet is minimal i can post some pictures to illustrate once ive got the VR back from sunroof rebuild
  7. hi all bizarrely i have been speaking to Zak over the last couple of days he is ok for doing another run of looms but we need to hit a minimum of 10 same deal as previously, IE due to his offshore work commitments being rather random & sometimes lengthly there would be no specific lead time, it could take a month or it could take 3 i will assist by organising things on here & will also do the leg work regarding the OE connectors, which i believe went down well with all of those who had a loom last time i will try & make time to refresh myself on all the costs etc, update here & then we can get the ball rolling in the new year oh & happy christmas to all by the way
  8. i will certainly put some pics to update my build thread on here once it is back no ive not bothered with a black switch, i am leaving the OE grey one in as i think it should give a little contrast to what is above head
  9. hopefully i should have a fully functioning sunroof too nothing else planned until spring when the underside is going to be refreshed, everything possible blasted & powder coated, new bushes, running gear etc
  10. thanks! i actually went for fake alcantara as the trim place showed me how they struggle to get the real stuff to bend into all of the liner contours - which is probably a good job though as it would have been twice the price & it was rather eye watering already hey ho, that is the interior finished though once it is back in i did take a pic of the sunroof control panel but the flash has made it look grey rather than black - cant wait to see it all back in the car
  11. not sure if the VR will be back before christmas but she is currently being treated to a sun roof strip & rebuild. whilst the cartridge is out the headliner, control panel & sun visors have been given the gift of black alcantara 😄
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