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  1. the throw is so much more positive & shorter front to back - ive not crunched a 2nd to 3rd change at speed since fitting it 😄
  2. i have one of daves16v short shifters on the VR6 & it is cracking - i found it helped give much more positive gear selection, especially 2nd to 3rd when giving some beans
  3. or just send your shifter to daves16v & he will modify it so it just drops in with the help of a little dremmeling 😉
  4. good thread Keyo i dont watch much on youtube but that is worth a look ive mostly been bashing need for speed heat the past couple of weeks - id recommend that to anyone looking to get their heart beat raised for a while.....damn them cops come out in force at times lol
  5. yeah the VW diagram says they are 'modify in workshop, see workshop manual'
  6. hi cressa from the VW exploded diagram the blocks are part number 443845631A - i got 6 of them this week
  7. brilliant!! thanks dragon! i hoped there might be - will get some ordered love this place, after participating fhere or over 10 years this forum always turns up the goods & rarely fails, it is a gold mine resource 😄
  8. hello all does anybody by any chance, & i know this is likely a long shot, have a spare set of stainless tank straps they would be willing to part with please? the body shop has said mine are past their best ive checked Heritage & they only have the non stainless 55l ones in stock thanks
  9. Hi all Does anybody know if the corrado uses an encapsulated windscreen or not? my VR6 is in the body shop & i need to get it a new windscreen - Pilkington have an option for encapsulated or not but ive no clue what that means or implies anyone any idea? thanks muchly
  10. thanks guys i had the drivers window mech replaced & this is when the rattle started are they easily visible when you have the door lining down? im not even sure where im looking lol
  11. hi all does anyone know how the window rollers fit? the site the guide was on is no longer alive & seeing as ive got all the interior out it might be worth fitting them to get rid of the rattle thanks
  12. the VR is looking great goldie!! i thought you might like to know that the kit i got from you is being put on my VR as part of the body restoration 😄
  13. pretty sure i brought rear light seals from there a couple of years ago - im sure they were in the box i gave to the body shop but not sure if they included the light on the rear hatch as well
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