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  1. Thanks for that, I only butchered the fitting the pipe is whole, I had the pipe in a pot of boiling water and removed both ends from it, actually ordered new fittings that I found on Internet that I hope are correct. But I'm going to check out your link right now.
  2. I did see a reply on here earlier but got the usual forum lockout before I could reply. Never a good idea to clear your browser history and expect to get back in to the forum.
  3. After rebuilding a spare swirl pot with all new parts. I'm at a loss on where to acquire the pipe that goes from accumulator to fuel filter, it's not available to buy anywhere, I went into pirtek today hoping they could remake the pipe from the old one I hacksawed of the old accumulator, but was told they don't do the fitting that attaches to accumulator with the ball shaped end and also the pipe they use is thinner restricting fuel flow maybe. So as of now I'm back to the drawing board. Has anyone ever solved this problem in the past and could give me some advice. Thanks
  4. It's showing 80 summit on the clock, to be fair that could mean eff all. Bargepole and wouldn't touch spring to mind. Plus i have my own money pit to sort. He is delusional if he thinks that garden ornament is worth 6k
  5. No way that was the mother's car as he is making out. Many bodges expected, still its a low mileage car.
  6. Does the new spec headlight switch fit the earlier corrado without modifications?
  7. How do you order parts through vw heritage from the link you posted, sorry if a dumb question.
  8. Does the later spec corrado switch fit the earlier corrado.
  9. Bumping an old thread as I don't wish to spend 50 odd quid on a second hand switch for my corrado, what age of golf headlight switch fits my 1990 1.8 16v corrado?
  10. That makes sense then, later corrado has bulge in middle so must sit higher for passenger side rubbing, I have two bosch aero wipers fitted to the BMW wiper arms, fantastic clearance when bonnet is up. Maybe il try the grinder route on corrado arms. I'm no paying stupid money for lupo gti wipers, no so sure I want to go dremeling away at tt wipers either.
  11. I have been trying and failing to get my wiper arms to fit my early corrado, does the early corrado have a different shape of bonnet to the later model towards the scuttle area? I have tried packing up the underneath of the wiper assembly with washers on drivers side, but the arms still rub the bonnet on both sides, I have given up and put the old ridiculous corrado wiper arms and blades back on. What wiper blades are close to acceptable quality for corrado wiper arms.
  12. I went out in the last few hours took the top cover off and turn the belt with two fingers on the longest run, and I can turn it to nearly 90 degrees without too much effort. Maybe I'm being a worry wart after all.
  13. There's an annoying whine that gives me the fear that damage is being done.
  14. Last month I had my t/belt water pump and power steering pump all replaced at my local garage. My problem is I think the belt is too tight I took the car back and was told it was a noisy new power steering pump. Is it possible to release tension from removing top cover, or is it a complete top and bottom cover off with all pulleys removed. I have driven 150 miles since the change
  15. Thanks for the replies, I did purchase a new cable the black lower cable I think, I'm also hoping this is the temp cable? I can see a small kink in the blue cable this cable still moves freely enough, but still maybe the issue.
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