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  1. thanks guys, I've used a cable for now but will look into other options.
  2. Hi All I am missing what I presume is the clip that attaches the airbox to the engine bay to stop it moving around (area circled on the picture), any ideas where I can get one? or can I just use a cable tie? This is not the clip that holds the airbox together (to the left of the circle), I think this is this part for that but not the one I need. https://www.heritagepartscentre.com/uk/191129797b-clip-for-the-air-filter-box.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2unkh7_e8gIVWud3Ch0mTAMWEAQYASABEgJubPD_BwE Thanks
  3. Hi All I have a Milltek resonated system on my 1.8 KR, from the 1st silencer back, fitted a couple of years back. Now, the front silencer and downpipe have seen better days, I have attached an image of the section I mean. There doesn't seem to be many options for replacement so any help/recommendations would be great. Thanks
  4. Ebay, won a auction on a set rather than paying a crazy buy it now price some people have. I considered some of the copies that are available but was lucky enough to find a good used set.
  5. I have now sourced these so topic can be closed. Thanks
  6. I think you are right from what I have read, these ones don't sit flush on the 4 stud wheels.
  7. Hi All Does anyone have the part numbers for the centre caps for the for the four stud BBS RZ wheels that came on the G60 (407 ET33 15 x 6.5). I have tried a search but with no luck, I think they are as follows but if someone has them to hand to confirm that would be great. outside simply rings 09.24.134 hex nuts 09.23.26 bbs centre logo 09.23.221 Thanks
  8. Hi I am after a full set of 4 x centre caps for the four stud BBS RZ wheels that came on the G60 (407 ET33 15 x 6.5). Thanks
  9. Thanks, Ive dropped them a message.
  10. Hi Could be a long shot but I am after a sebring alloy from an early 16v in mint or very good condition that doesn't need a refurb. Can collect if in resonable distance from Hampshire. Thanks
  11. Thanks vw rule, thats a great help. I'll look into this and report back.
  12. That's what I thought, thanks for confirming.
  13. Being an early valver I think my electric windows may have been retro fitted. Below is the connection to the passenger switch I have vs the connection on a second hand early switch (second picture) and there is a clear difference! The switch is tempremental so I am looking to replace but I stuck here with my options? Any thoughts or advice would be great. Thanks
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