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  1. I have now received the batch of these, so will message people to see if they are still interested.
  2. Sorry all I realise I have been a bit slow on this, but to confirm I have put the order in for a second batch, so these should be arriving in a couple of weeks and then I can get them sent out.
  3. oneohtwo

    Wiper linkage

    Thanks They've been on my car and running well for the last 6 months or so. Had a few runs in the recent rainy weather and they appear to be holding tight. haven't noticed any wiper slop at all really. I've sent the first batch out to people (see parts for sale thread) although there's been no feedback from others as to how these are working, so not sure if anyone has fitted them yet. I've just had a second batch made up as well. The 3D printed ones seem to work OK, although as you say the finish isn't as good as if they were machined. If you do know of any machine shops that might do an improved version that might last longer I'd be happy to hear them!
  4. Apologies all, I haven't managed to put the order in for the next batch yet, but hopefully will get onto that in the next couple of weeks.
  5. Ah that does sound more like mine as well - over 20 mins or so tends to be the issue. Yes I do still get the odd long crank when cold as well, but I use the car quite infrequently. Around once every two weeks at the moment, so that doesn't feel out of the ordinary.
  6. Good news! Although I was slightly hoping it was something I hadn't done on my car before! Maybe it's not a single issue and varies from car to car - perhaps I'll try swapping out the fuel pump as I had the injectors refurbed by Mr Injector on mine as well.
  7. Ah interesting. This all does seem to point to the pump being the culprit then!
  8. That looks stunning! Is that Aqua or Midnight blue? The black wheels really set it off.
  9. Yeah, after it was first put on I found it was leaking fuel all over the top of the tank. I had driven it a few times and kept thinking I could smell fuel. Only noticed it started dripping all over the road. Not good. Tightened the clips up and it has been fine since, but now it's always at the back of my mind that it's another potential area for a leak.
  10. If it was me doing it again I probably wouldn't put the valve in to be honest. I had one put in on mine and regret it somewhat.
  11. Cheers, I'll give this guy a call. I am taking it into a local classic car place for a look over, but will see if this guy can help as well.
  12. 22mm is correct on the spindle nuts. Maneuvering it out is a pain - it takes a bit of wiggling in just the right way. For a while it will seem like it won't come out, then miraculously just does! Are you painting yours with the U-Pol plastic range? Unfortunately with ine it seemed like water had got under the paint (or my prep wasn't good enough) and a load of small blow holes had formed, which was a bit annoying. Did a quick respray on the car, but the results aren't as good as they were.
  13. Good point on the run in! 😄 Mine will have only had a couple of thousand. Yup, same for the me on the warm start so interesting to see how you get on with the fuel pump. i haven't really looked at the fuel pump so can't help on the cracked palstic bit - but I can understand being reluctant to take apart a £200 part. Good luck though!
  14. Ah thanks for the update. I did go to a paintless dent removal chap, and he just blanket came back to say he couldn't do them. I meant to follow up with him, because it seemed an odd thing to say! He was a highly rated one as well, so that reminds me! It may have been that he was saying because the paint was damaged you can't do a paintless repair (obviously!) but not all of the dents are scraped.
  15. Ah thanks, looks nice. Similar curves to mine (as you'd expect), although peaks are a little bit higher. The graph is in my thread if you're interested. Mine was 215 HP and 209 ftlbs peaks - I can't say I am disappointed with the results as like you say it drives so much but I remember hoping it'd hit 220! Stealth re-bored my block and added new pistons and rings which I thought might provide bit more oomph. I always wonder what accounts for these little variances - mine was also a hot day, 27C but a bit more humid, so that might make a difference. Just the vagaries of engines I guess! Mr Injector is great for injectors, he did mine as well. On the warm start issue I think the only things I haven't done to mine that you did to your white one is the fuel pump and the cam and crank sensors - so maybe that would narrow it down a bit?
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