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  1. I didn't really manage to fix it as such, there's still play somewhere in the mechanism, I just managed to set the wiper arms in such a way that they didn't foul anything. It's near mm perfect... any small deviation either way and it either hits the other arm, or the scuttle. I wonder if getting the motor refurbed would be worthwhile...
  2. Could be the motor/linkage? I did my arms a while back, and it took me ages to set it up mm perfect so they don't foul the plastic. You can fix it to what seems the bottom of travel when stationary, but they still hit the trim when on full blast, as there just seems a lot of play in the mechanism. I have set mine so they are quite a way up the screen when they come to a stop, but was the only way I could do it. On intermittent they don't go anywhere near the trim, but just stop short on full blast. I have a suspicion the motor being old and worn has something to do with it as well as I can't entirely manually force the wipers as far as their full range of travel when on, but not fully sure how.
  3. Thanks all! Been a bit inactive due to the Christmas period, but back to it now. Lower chains are on!: However, the million dollar question is, does anyone know what this little grub screw is from?! I've bagged and labelled every damn screw except this one apparently! I distinctly remember carefully taking it out as well, and then must have put it on the side to continue taking apart whatever it was I was removing at that time before forgetting about it. Now for the life of me I can't remember; I am hoping it presents itself as obvious when the time comes but would be great if anyone has any ideas!
  4. Hi v11boy, you can add another going through a similar process at the same time. Seems there's a little group of us now! For Stealth costs as a rough guide, mine came to not far south of £3k. It's a fair knock to the wallet, and I tried to save on labour by stripping down the block myself and am doing most of the rebuild, incl. chains and cams. But I also had cylinders re-bored and the new pistons were a big chunk of that. If you're getting the full lot done by Stealth, without the pistons but with suspension etc, I think you might want to budget at least 3-5k... Certainly not a cheap process!
  5. Thanks! Yeah I know... I don't do big miles in it these days so the run in period might be quite drawn out! Have to plan a few long cruises... From memory, I'm sure Vince said they are bored out to a true 2.9l rather than 3.0l, but I'm not hundred percent sure now. The stock size is 2860cc I think, and the boring for the 82.5mm pistons takes it to either 289Xcc or just over 2.9l, so 29XXcc. I'll have to check with Vince again. You'd think I'd remember that, but the memory doesn't appear to be what it used to be. Got some 263 cams lined up, and the vibratechnics front mount! No other performance parts to go on. I have looked around, and from what I've read and speaking to Vince, I'm not sure there really are any others, apart from maybe a BMC air filter, that will bolt straight on to the NA engine and make much difference performance wise. Edit: Yep, just done the sums. Stock is 82mm x 90.3mm stroke or thereabouts which gives 2861cc. Bored to 82.5mm gives 2896cc. So more a true 2.9l
  6. Right, engine is back from Stealth and on the stand: Bores rebored and honed, with oversized Mahle pistons, and new bearings. And block cleaned and smartened up with new paint job. Just hammerite black, but it actually looks a bit gun-metal grey which I quite like, rather than a full gloss black. Head also back and smartened up: Had another reskim, the areas of pitting will remain isolated. Had a full rebuild, valves cleaned up and re-seated, guides re-done. Plus a few bits which I've been cleaning up ready to go back on: Still plenty to go! Major items still to get replaced/reconditioned are: - alternator to be refurbed - new starter - injectors refurbed. But these won't be needed for a while. Otherwise all pretty well ready to go back together. Going on holiday for 2 weeks though, so unfortunately will have to wait a while to get going on it!
  7. Yeah, exactly. That's what I found when removing it, it was pretty cracked up where it had dried out. Traps the dirt as well. Having said that, most of the tray was in decent nick in fairness so the waxoyl had done it's job, was just the areas bashed by the battery and the bracket for the slam panel that were bad.
  8. I feared the words time and effort might be marching confidently over the horizon... Ah well, best get the wire wheels out! Colour looks really good, really freshens the Corrado up I think. Must be a great feeling to have it back on the road with all the hard work you've put in.
  9. Some fine work going on here. That engine bay refresh looks wonderful, and that colour really is lovely. I would have fancied redoing the whole bay, but don't really have the time, space or inclination to really go for it so am settling for just touching up. That respray looks the business though. Always nice to see the results people can get at home without spending thousands at a body shop. Just a quick question, how did you get the corrosion off your gearbox before spraying it? I've been cleaning up some other alloy parts and it's been a struggle - I had planned to do my gearbox but with the effort involved with the other parts had decided not to bother. Seeing yours like that though has made me think I really should!
  10. Thanks! I am undecided on this to be honest... seems a shame to cover it up, but as you say added protection. On the other hand I am expecting to use it a lot less than over it's previous life so it might be ok and it's got a good few protective layers on: covering of Bilt Hamber Hydrate 80 initially just to neutralise any remaining rust but it seems to create a pretty tough barrier (as I found trying to sand down a couple of runs!). Then overcoated with a few layers of Hammerite stone chip which I have found pretty good in the past. Easier to keep clean as well!
  11. Engine is ready at so need to go and pick it up! Exciting times. In the meantime I've been making some progress on tidying bits and pieces up. Finished the battery tray recently: To: Got rid of all the dirt, bits of old wax and dealt with all the rust. Not a perfect job, not going to bother flattening it or anything as it's just the battery tray, but a lot nicer than it was and something that has always bugged me so pretty happy.
  12. Ah I meant the part number for the V5 starter motor - like the idea of having a bit more oomph to start. Will definitely give QX a go for the alternator though, thanks for the tip. Noticed you'd used Amos motors for some bits, never heard of them before but might give them a shout as been struggling to source a replacement radiator support.
  13. Cheers, for the info and apologies for hijacking the thread - think I'll give the V5 starter a go, and get the alternator refurbed. Typically the dealers were no help, reckoned the part number from the link above was for a 1990 golf, not the V5 and as I didn't have a Mk IV reg that was that. Put the Bosch part number into a few other places though and they seem to be readily available for not ridiculous dollar: https://www.motor-doctor.co.uk/products/1157162-starter https://www.autodoc.co.uk/bosch/1157162?search=BOSCH%20Starter%20%20(0%20986%20017%20000) Interestingly both say it fits a Corrado.
  14. Hi fella, understand you're keeping the rado. Good to hear! Always wonder if I am doing the right thing keeping hold when a regular sells up... Anyway, was just wondering how you've got on with the JP Starter Motor? Noticed you had it in your parts list at the beginning of the thread. I was looking at replacing mine (it used to make a screeching noise on startup and I discovered on removal the brass collar around the shaft had broken in two - the two may be related) and can only really see the JP option from VW heritage for reasonable money. Their site lists it as "good quality" rather than "top quality" so was unsure... but on the other hand they don't tend to list anything really poor and options are limited!
  15. oneohtwo

    VR6 Rad Support

    Still on the lookout for one of these, if anyone can assist?
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