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  1. You probably don't need the rear speakers, but there is a fairly well priced Alpine alternative that are the same range as the one's that fit for the doors and dash, so people including me, have just used all three: SXE­4625S (rear) SXE-1325S (door) SXE-1025S (dash) The 1025s in the dash need some fettling to fit, you can see in my build thread what I did, although I think just keeping stock tweeters here might be fine. You will also need to make up a short wiring connection to replace the crossover in the stock tweeters if you did, as the doors connect to these. This will make a world of difference to your sound without resorting to amps and subs, as the stocks end up pretty knackered. The only thing, as I say, is potentially leaving out the dash speakers as I don't think this made a lot of difference. I keep meaning to put the tweeters back in to compare the difference.
  2. Unfortunately I am not familiar with the valver, but if it's anything like the VR then it seems quite hard to avoid leaks around here, and you end up living with it a bit. The breather pipe/PCV is plastic rather than rubber, so it doesn't seal well even with new clips and whatnot. Might be the same for the Valver.
  3. Nope, this wasn't finished! Started the car at the weekend and thought I'd double check for a fuel leak myself and sure enough it was leaking from the fuel line at the rail connection. With the engine off the leak stopped until I wiggled the pipe and then it'd spray out again. Not entirely sure why this would have happened now, the fuel pipes are only a couple of years old and decent quality Hel items, and the clips used are the ones that came with the pipes. Anyway, I adjusted the clip and retightened, so that is that one solved.
  4. Garage couldn't find anything in the end, so this one goes down as a mystery. Runs all OK again.
  5. If it was me I'd leave the non-return valve off. I had one fitted and regret it a bit now - initially it leaked, which is obviously fixable, but it's just a potential weak point in the fuel line. It doesn't solve the warm start issue either, as it's not a fuel pressure thing. Interesting about the cam sensor though. I might try this as well.
  6. Yeah, it's what the garage thinks as well. They're not getting any leaks either. He's going to leave it over the weekend and see on Monday, but looks like it might just have resolved itself.
  7. You can, yes. If you pop the wipers off and undo the larger spindle nut, the spindles will just drop through. Nothing is connected to the plastic trim. It takes a bit of wiggling to get the wiper mech out from under the scuttle, but that's the same whether the plastic trim is on or not. I can't remember if you picked up one of my sets of wiper bushes, but that's exactly the sort of play in the connecting rod that they will get rid of.
  8. Shiny! Do heat shields start to degrade over time? Other than getting dirty and less reflective I suppose! I'm not sure if it's just pressed from a single sheet of metal or if it has a sandwich of something in between. Engine bay looks great!
  9. Well this is very odd. Couldn't really see any obvious issues, and when the tow truck arrived to pick the car up it started and ran perfectly. No misfire or lumpyness, and more importantly no fuel spraying out! I've had it taken to the garage anyway to get checked out, and speaking to the mechanic apparently that does happen with fuel leaks. So we shall see.
  10. I used one of those easy bleeder kits which actually seemed to work OK, except I forgot to bleed the master cylinder so the brakes still didn't work. I'd hope if I had done that as well it would have been OK. In fairness two separate garages missed it as well. Not a pleasant job though!
  11. Yeah, fairly sure. The pipes were new braided ones from Hel and didn't see any traces of fuel around them. Good shout on the clips, I'll have another poke around and see if I can see anything, but I think I am just going to get it towed to a garage. Don't really feel like I have the time and energy trying to fix this one... and it's not ideal with it parked on the road!
  12. Not had much to report recently as hadn't done anything to the car and it has been running well since the rebuild... until disaster on Sunday. Started her up and immediately the idle was lumpy and sounded like a misfire. Tried revving a bit to see if it would pick up and settle down, but it didn't. There was also a strong whiff of fuel (which sometimes is normal starting from cold with the rich running) but this time it was because fuel was pissing all over the road. I mean loads of it, not just a trickle. Had a quick look under the bonnet and all I could see was a bit of fuel around the injectors, so I presume the seals have started leaking. I could see fuel all over the front cross member as well, and it was dripping off the splitter. No idea what's happened. Had the injectors refurbished when I did the rebuild so they should all be fine, and the seals new. Only been using E5 fuel as well, so shouldn't have had any degradation there. And last time I drove it, it was running perfectly. The only thing is I don't get to drive it that often, last time was around 4 weeks ago, and things always seem to go wrong through not using it, but I am still a little baffled and deflated. The rebuild was supposed to mean things like this didn't happen!
  13. I was going to ask if I could add my name to the list if they were still being made, but I see it is already there! Did anything come of this?
  14. I have now received the batch of these, so will message people to see if they are still interested.
  15. Sorry all I realise I have been a bit slow on this, but to confirm I have put the order in for a second batch, so these should be arriving in a couple of weeks and then I can get them sent out.
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