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  1. Great stuff mate, thanks! Glad I started this thread now, that's a real help. Hadn't really given them a second glance when bought off heritage, don't think they had listed the manufacturer at the time either. Bit annoying as it wasn't a cheap set either... that's a 100 odd quid down the drain. Thankfully the other seal set I got from them are Elring. I've never really fancied buying from ebay, (not just parts but anything!) but actually seems like it might be the better place now...
  2. Good knowledge, happy for a recommendations so I'll go with Lemforder. You're certainly the go to parts man on here it seems! Got the oil cooler ages ago so probably can't return it now - but it was cheap so won't lose much getting the Hella. Do you have any thoughts on the JP gaskets? Seems hard to get a thin piece of metal wrong... but then, it is the head gasket. They weren't cheap either so I'd be loath to lose out on those.
  3. That's a concern, I bought an oil cooler from heritage - seem to recall it coming in an unbranded box but will double check.
  4. You might be right about being obsolete. Seems more and more like that is the default answer. Yeah, noticed the rear engine mount I picked from them up was Topran and the gasket set JP. Didn't realise at the time. Hopefully shouldn't matter too much as the rear mount isn't so greatly stressed, and is just a big lump of rubber. Likewise you'd hope a gasket is a gasket... Will have a look at vw international.
  5. That's good to know. Was hoping to get new OEM top mounts and bushes for the suspension - looked like heritage only had powerflex bushes when I first looked, but need to double check the actual parts. Also need to get the yellow, blue, black thermostat sensors - seems like they've got a few but not the blue and yellow.
  6. Where does everyone go for their OEM parts now that the dealers have shut for the lockdown? The irony is I've now got more time than ever to work on the corrado, but can't get the parts...! Obviously got Heritage for good parts, but some bits you want OEM. Online mostly seems to throw up the Autodoc sites and their variations (buycarparts, etc...) - I've got some INA tappets on order from there as couldn't find them on any UK sites but again with the disruption ordering from the UK would seem to be preferable.
  7. I have to say I wouldn't look twice at the Nothelles if I saw them on the shelf, but somehow they really do look the business on the Corrado! Looks lovely in the Satin silver as well, really works well on the car and shows off the angles and emphasises the arches. Is it just me or do your bumper gaps look particularly tight? (Oo-er… etc, etc!)
  8. Oh, arse. Just checked the part number for the springs and it ends in 3002HA not 2002HA. Place I ordered them from are Dutch so that's going to be a hassle sorting a replacement.
  9. No sadly not. Keep making extra work for myself cleaning and painting bits. Should get the head and chains back on this weekend if all goes to plan. Currently slowly cleaning the gearbox up... Bit worried the imminent lockdown is going to cut off the supply of parts as well. Gonna have to start panic buying/stockpiling Corrado parts instead of toilet paper before the end of the week! Depending on how far you're going and If you're not too worried about how things look, I can only really think of the front engine mount bracket on the actual block that might want powder coating - all the other bits are alloy. There are all the sub frame members mind... Thanks, I'll make sure I do those at the same time, good to know. Excited to have them on, even just for the way it looks!
  10. Thanks for the info. Will check that out. Is OEM best for the top mounts and bearings still? Assuming they're not obsolete...
  11. Progress has stalled a bit due mostly to making extra work for myself tidying bits up and also a special project I've been working on that if it works will be excellent... but could also go horribly wrong. But in the meantime late Christmas present to myself: Always wanted a set so pretty excited. Understand some sets shipped with the wrong length rear springs? So will need to double check that, and the installation guide seems to indicate a few more bits than in the box, but I presume that's just reusing the existing bits on the car... (Still haven't found where the tiny grub screw goes though...)
  12. Might have missed something, but what's the procedure for subscribing?
  13. I didn't really manage to fix it as such, there's still play somewhere in the mechanism, I just managed to set the wiper arms in such a way that they didn't foul anything. It's near mm perfect... any small deviation either way and it either hits the other arm, or the scuttle. I wonder if getting the motor refurbed would be worthwhile...
  14. Could be the motor/linkage? I did my arms a while back, and it took me ages to set it up mm perfect so they don't foul the plastic. You can fix it to what seems the bottom of travel when stationary, but they still hit the trim when on full blast, as there just seems a lot of play in the mechanism. I have set mine so they are quite a way up the screen when they come to a stop, but was the only way I could do it. On intermittent they don't go anywhere near the trim, but just stop short on full blast. I have a suspicion the motor being old and worn has something to do with it as well as I can't entirely manually force the wipers as far as their full range of travel when on, but not fully sure how.
  15. Thanks all! Been a bit inactive due to the Christmas period, but back to it now. Lower chains are on!: However, the million dollar question is, does anyone know what this little grub screw is from?! I've bagged and labelled every damn screw except this one apparently! I distinctly remember carefully taking it out as well, and then must have put it on the side to continue taking apart whatever it was I was removing at that time before forgetting about it. Now for the life of me I can't remember; I am hoping it presents itself as obvious when the time comes but would be great if anyone has any ideas!
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