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  1. N- reg. Blue Storm VR Bedgarwood, Basingstoke. ??
  2. Crickey thats a bit pricey. :shrug: should be more like £10.50
  3. Really could not have gone to a nicer home. :clap: I gather you fk1000p the Brembos for the winter too? LOL Are you still pondering on changing the wheel colour mate, I still maintain they look great, suit the car when clean and the sun hits them.
  4. Agree with you Ben, Its road performance and driving feel that matter over RR numbers. Your right about the indicators etc! Less is more with a lot of stuff on the C, thin line between a few personal touches and over modding. I'll check back every monday to see the results of your weekend efforts :lol: .
  5. Good man. That's just the enthusiasm + love I like to see the car getting. :salute: :clap: Always good to get your own car looking how you want it. :wink:
  6. James, I think there's a ' lil plunger of some sort' in the air system that gets a lil stuck every now and then, its only ever happened once to me, but freed itself after a night or two in the garage and was fine ever since. Sorry for the vagueness, but thought it was worth mentioning!
  7. I have never seen this clip before, It's probably a Pea Roast! But a mate thought it would be funny to send it to me..I didn't. :wink:
  8. How can you ever get bored watching that? Makes you want to own a MK4 just like it. :notworthy: :nuts:
  9. :lol: I'm positive my custom and profit would increase this summer if I employed staff just like that pleasant young lady :lol: :clap:
  10. Very exciting times buddy. :D I shall eagerly await the results 8) .
  11. News to me?? What channel is Chop Shop then guys?
  12. Get it valeted professionally buddy, need to use the right/good quality chemicals with an extraction machine. Then once interior has dried, the right bacteria killing odors. Plus dry fogging with the tobacco/nicotine solution if smell is still there. You did say its not too bad, so It prob get better in time anyway.
  13. Ahh just like mine now then 8) . That's good news James, finishes all that hard work off nicely when your out on the roads running smOoooovve!.
  14. Any news or feedback on your C2 gear yet mate?
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