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  1. I meant I wanted to start a thread
  2. how come I cant post in the "cars for sale" thread ? there's no little orange button on offer, i've tried other threads and some have it, some don't ?!
  3. Never mind. Wrote my car off instead. I guess I'll be buying it back and breaking it on here so lots of spares soon available (minus an idle control screw and a borbet!)
  4. Tried everywhere and no luck. Someone take pity and sell me one !
  5. come on now peeps, must be someone out there with a knackered throttle body (with screw) who wouldnt mind swapping for money !?
  6. Really need an idle control screw for my G60, I'll take a whole knackered throttle body if its an arse to sell the screw separately. Got a rusty old bold stuck in there to stop the whistle !! Thanks, simon
  7. psiburr

    G60 woes :-(

    Same issues some time ago, turned out fuel pump relay solder had crumbled.
  8. That could be me..... M630 *** ? mines a storm grey debadged on borbet A's and I usually hoon the 404 but sometimes the 308 :)
  9. Not far :) last one we had was organised by uglybloke in Langley/Maidenhead.
  10. Green 16v reg ending ENT in St marks car park Maidenhead yesterday :)
  11. How much for VDO boost gauge ? How much for VDO Oil Pressure & Volt gauges ? Thanks
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