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  1. Hi, I might have, I will check when I get back home at the weekend. Remind me then if I haven't replied
  2. Bonnet and hinges gone. Number plate plinth is here but has 1 broken clip if it's of any interest
  3. Hi fella, not really any parts left apart from wing mirrors and front splitter really, sorry
  4. I have no idea to be perfectly honest. It's definitely black and my car was definitely a 91 g60. It all looks very original
  5. 1 x black vw wallet with corrado instruction manual, VAG service map, UK dealers book, code of practice and another book about possessing a vw. All in good condition and all original. From a 91 g60 Not sure what they are worth, so will start at £20 posted to the UK Cheers
  6. Sold, thanks for looking
  7. Would make a smart Christmas present for yourself!
  8. 1 x left side and 1 x right side schroth racing quick fit harnesses. These are for the corrado. Part numbers 93080E-0 and 93081E-0. Both in excellent condition and are fantastic for keeping the back seat usable when you don't want to have a harness on. When you do want a harness on, it takes a couple of minutes to get both sides fitted out and ready to go. Work with standard seats and with TT seats that I have tried. Will work with most seats as far as I can tell. http://www.schrothshop.de/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=93081e-0 £150 collected for both. I will ship for extra cost. Would be happy to help the new owner fit these if they collect
  9. All those bits have gone mate, sorry
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