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  1. Wow andrew, very nice, is this to spark enhusiasm(sp) to finishing the other one?
  2. as the title, how much would a good condition set of late fogs and indicators cost? saw a passenger fog in its housing going for £70 on ebay, with 7 bids, do these cost alot? Neil
  3. if someone wanted vr6 engine and everything for something like a conversion how much would it sell for? i think it'd be this stuff- Engine all ancillarys ecu and loom exaust manifold. subframe arb driveshafts cheers, neil
  4. had price poster in the car the first day i wanted to sell it, and now the car is sat on a drive as its not insured. dont need to part x, hence selling it.
  5. Fraid so, but you don't have to list everything in one go. Recently someone did it about 10 items a month for example. If you want to get on with it, list the obvious stuff but then just make sure you publish the price for everyone to see when you're asked about something else. Or, copy someone elses breaking thread, I have one saved if you want it. have pm'd you
  6. I'm breaking my car, ive not done this before, i was wondering if i have to list every nut and bolt in the for sale section, because i could just put for sale ask for details but the rules say i have to put a price? so is it a case of listing everything!? Neil
  7. Its been on autotrader for three weeks at £40, piston heads twice. And on here.
  8. I'm having no luck selling my car, i was wondering what kind of money people get when they break a corrado? Thanks for any help anyone can give money wise. Neil
  9. yeah its been on piston heads, its on there now. cheers for suggestions, least its taxed now. just gotta wait.
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