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  1. Wow andrew, very nice, is this to spark enhusiasm(sp) to finishing the other one?
  2. as the title, how much would a good condition set of late fogs and indicators cost? saw a passenger fog in its housing going for £70 on ebay, with 7 bids, do these cost alot? Neil
  3. if someone wanted vr6 engine and everything for something like a conversion how much would it sell for? i think it'd be this stuff- Engine all ancillarys ecu and loom exaust manifold. subframe arb driveshafts cheers, neil
  4. had price poster in the car the first day i wanted to sell it, and now the car is sat on a drive as its not insured. dont need to part x, hence selling it.
  5. Fraid so, but you don't have to list everything in one go. Recently someone did it about 10 items a month for example. If you want to get on with it, list the obvious stuff but then just make sure you publish the price for everyone to see when you're asked about something else. Or, copy someone elses breaking thread, I have one saved if you want it. have pm'd you
  6. I'm breaking my car, ive not done this before, i was wondering if i have to list every nut and bolt in the for sale section, because i could just put for sale ask for details but the rules say i have to put a price? so is it a case of listing everything!? Neil
  7. Its been on autotrader for three weeks at £40, piston heads twice. And on here.
  8. I'm having no luck selling my car, i was wondering what kind of money people get when they break a corrado? Thanks for any help anyone can give money wise. Neil
  9. yeah its been on piston heads, its on there now. cheers for suggestions, least its taxed now. just gotta wait.
  10. hmm, cant really be bothered with taking the dash out to remove the heated seat wiring, getting door cards to match would be perfect, but i dont have £150 to do this, so thats not a option either unfortunately. I have just taxed it online, so thats that sorted. Guess its just a waiting game.
  11. yeah think ill have to tax it, leaves less questions to be asked about it. the only reason for insurance would be test drive, so i could maybe get a day insurance for that? but then the person testing it would have to have fully comp insurance.
  12. I need some help. I'm trying to sell my corrado VR6, not really had any interest, and already lowered the price from £2900 to £2500 with 6 months tax added. I have a new car already and need to swap my insurance over, but if someone wanted to take mine for a test drive they couldnt as it has no insurance. Do i need to tax it either if no one can drive it, it could then save me £112 which i can knock off the price. but then buying a car with no tax can put ppl off, but i need to insure my new car. I just dont know what to do!! Neil
  13. thats strange, i brought one of these last year from VW, sure i have the VW receipt somewhere. they become obsolete in a year?
  14. -Neil-


    I agree with thrust bearing if its clutch peddle related.
  15. -Neil-


    oh, mine is vr6 so mine is just Auxillary belt pully.
  16. -Neil-


    i had this and then my tensioner baring siezed and distroyed the pully. get it sorted asap!
  17. have you attached a keychain cam to your bumper yet
  18. two new videos now i have the #3 camera... [youtube:326j5ils] [/youtube:326j5ils] [youtube:326j5ils] [/youtube:326j5ils]
  19. Well my noise has gone, touch wood! Not sure if its related to hand brake cable or not but i'm not complaining!
  20. well mine has always raised really high ever since i had rear bushes done, as the axel was removed, so i've tightened it up a little, i drove home and didnt hear any noises, but it was raining so road noise was higher then normal so i couldnt really hear alot. Because my handle came up alot it means when its down, there it alot of play in the cables. I could be totally wrong and when i go to work in 15 mins the noise could still be there, but it is something thats connected to the brakes so you never know.
  21. Hey critical mass, out of curiosity how high does your hand brake handle come up when you put it on? Tighten it a little and see if that makes a differnce.
  22. hmmmmm yeah ill check the wishbone bolts, which one was loose? what would i check on the master cylinder?
  23. I couldnt sleep and had another thought, mine doesnt always makes the noise, normally only if ive been driving little bit, so maybe something to do with the exhaust, maybe after the engine being run a while the metal expanding and the momentum of the car slowing is causing it to knock against someting? It's something ill have a look at when the exhaust is warm ill wiggle the tailpipe. as you say critical mass, anyone elses suggestions would be great!
  24. do you recon it could be air in the brake system then when the peddal is pressed its doing something at the pad end of things? I'm just trying to think of things at the axle end of things that could make a noise.
  25. i dont know, it could be a peice of trim or something, its not every time i brake, its randomly, it's not anything that affects the working of the car, its just a noise, but its just trying to work out what it is.
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