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  1. Your correct, I listed the Rocker after the Manifold, used the same template but didn't remove the 40mm for some reason :S
  2. As the title says my ebay auction for both. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/the_hub!/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562
  3. 1. TheHub42 (CF ID The Hub) 2. nelsona3sline (CF ID Pat_McCrotch) 3. Mincyx (CF ID Mic_VR) 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Alex did'nt know I had a syndrome name after me now :lol:
  4. 2nd League Racers 1. TheHub42 (CF ID The Hub) 2. nelsona3sline (CF ID Pat_McCrotch) 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Please add yourself to the list and as friends on Xbox if you want to race the 2nd league.
  5. Totally understand Yan, especially after your experience at the Corkscrew. So can anyone who is interested in the 2nd league put your names forward so we can confirm there will be enough.
  6. As I did last week, I'll put myself forward as substitute driver should anyone not be able to make it any Sunday. Unless we get enough for a second race league, which if someone tells me how to I would be willing too host. Complete noob to this, only just worked out how to get my headset working after some of you guys tried to talk to me on Monday night :scratch:
  7. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: Tuning really helps .................... especially when you forget to install anti roll bars :wave: :nuts: :lol:
  8. Mic, I've been playing it since Friday and I'm still in the same boat (read previous comments and watch the videos) :lol: Getting to know the tracks is a good place to start, I usually find I wipe out on the first few laps but then hold my own towards the end of the race when i'm miles behind the leaders. Still a good laugh though :D
  9. Ha loving the videos although they do show my need to improve....... big time!!!!!! Who needs bigger brakes when you can use Yan to slow down quicker :lol: Sorry mate :epicfail:
  10. Apologies now guys, guess I need alot more practice :eek: Still had fun though, the state some of the Corrado's finished in and we call ourselves Corrado lovers :lol:
  11. This is me getting some practice in before tonight's big race, this game is amazing :luvlove:
  12. Is there any chance I could take Alex's place in the practice session. I only just got my copy last night and have been playing it non stop since. I wouldn't mind getting a bit of multi player action?
  13. Ha that looks like something women buy in a sex shop :norty: Bought Forza 3 last night and all I can say is awesome game! Only got to bed this morning at 3am :lol:
  14. Got an Xbox 360 elite when Fifa 10 came out, and although I have played Fifa a bit I've been mainly playing GTA IV. I was holding off buying the new GTA till I finished playing the one I have now, but after looking at this thread, Forza 3 is getting bought tomorrow and GTA is getting put on the backburner :norty: feel free to add me too :wave:
  15. When i read the title to this thread i was expecting some crazy yoofs placing coloured lighting under their cars and pics driving round town....... how disappointed am i now when i realise it's the long standing members of the forum being sensible again!???!?!!!???
  16. It is on a Northern Irish plate. When i sold it the paint work was a bit shabby but it seems he has sorted that. The car still run so i don't know of any engine issues. I sold it to him for 900 quid so i guess he's looking his money back on the respray.
  17. Good find, i used to own the red Valver restoration project thats in Monaghan. Often wondered were it was now. Sounds like the same guy who i sold it too a couple of years back!!!
  18. Noticed that mate and I believe Supercharged knows about these things. It is a shame though :brickwall:
  19. From reading your other threads on this, it sounds like the rear lines are the same for all models. Let me know if you want these? £20 posted.
  20. Just found the box that these came in and the product code is SVW1010-6P It says they are for a Pre 1990 Corrado so they will only fit if the rear lines are they same on 16v as they are on VR6's ???
  21. The Goodridge lines connect onto the short "S" shaped copper hard line the same way as they do on the std 16v callipers, and the G60 callipers use the same union on the hard line as the std callipers. The hard lines are a bugger to remove without damaging though, so be prepared to us plenty of WD40/Plus gas and even then you might wreck them. I had to make new ones for 2 out of the 4 as I was doing brakes all round, and also on of the main hard lines going to the master. :epicfail: HTH
  22. I think it depends on your chassis number but I used Goodridge part No. SVW1010-6P on my 1990 16v. Give C&R a ring with your chassis number in hand, as they know their stuff and will sort you out no problems.
  23. £845 , rare and obselete :shock: :clap: whats that make mine worth :scratch: I know I know, there is a reason why they are rare :camp:
  24. Looks very tidy Paul, bet your well pleased. Really must pay you a visit sometime to see your collection, be it the broken ones or the two fine examples you have on the road :salute:
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