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  1. Haha. I was a bit confused by the enthusiastic waving. Noticed a few around this part of Salisbury recently.
  2. If the engine is securely held with a jack then you may be ok. You might want to support the underside of that beam as well.You might struggle to line the bumper bolts up when it comes to re-fitting if the beam moves.
  3. I didn't mention horses. But I imagine they would be interesting if they tried to get in the drivers side of a lowered 90's coupe through the windscreen. Anyway, you never know what the ****ers are going to get up to, there's plenty of cover in the gorse on the right for one to pop out.
  4. I do a lot of work in the New Forest now. It's easy to get things wrong there, as demonstrated by the two girls killed in Lyndhurst last weekend. I also spend time removing bits of cars and people from roads when things don't go to plan. However clever your editing is, it's still glamorising driving inappropriately for the area. I'm not saying I adhere to speed limits, or drive appropriately all the time, but I don't try to make myself look fancy on the internet.
  5. I was in fordingbridge today! Working on the A338 before going to north gorley. Just had some drainage work carried out in breamore too.
  6. Evening, nice to see you're still progressing with this. I've just moved up to Salisbury, just off the Devizes road, would be good to catch up some time.
  7. Start spraying the heater box studs on the inside of the engine bay with WD40 now. If they do start to spin in the plastic, they usually unwind. Good luck. X
  8. I think it's awesome. And you two are gimps. :fondle:
  9. The G60 and the 16v had different fittings. You might well have a 16v set of pipes by the sound of things.
  10. Toad

    Paint code

    In the boot, on the inside of the rear panel, not far from the spare wheel.
  11. Cheers. Any idea on the cost of shipping?
  12. Cheers. Need to have a little think as my gearbox has had noisy layshaft bearings since I fitted it.
  13. How many miles on the gearbox? did it work nicely? Hows the shift tower?
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