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  1. Stock currently stands at 5 sets. They don't go out very often these days (I assume I have sold a set to nearly all the working cars) so I only restock when I run out.
  2. I too would have a set of these (assuming they are sanely priced).
  3. Hallo folks, sorry for the lack of replies here, I haven't been back since the forum changed to the new setup. I'll try to keep a closer eye.
  4. Argh, I hate it when bits go missing. PM in your thinger. Guaranteed that the moment the new ones arrive, you'll find the old ones!
  5. Yep plenty in stock. Given how long it is since any went out I assumed I'd sold a set to every remaining Corrado owner in the UK :oD I'll send you a PM with deets.
  6. Hi folks, the parts are back in stock... at the post office! Postie wanted a signature, so I'll have to pick them up at the weekend. Obviously I haven't checked them yet, but barring some strange quality control problem cropping up when I open the package I will be able to send parts out as soon as they're in my hands, so I'll send PMs out now with payment details. If you'd prefer to wait until I've actually checked them, no worries.
  7. I'm now waiting on manufacture of another batch, will let you know when they're back in stock - shouldn't be too long. Will drop you a PM when they're here (and in the mean time I'll look up how postage price to Ireland). Thanks.
  8. Sure thing, watch out for a PM in a moment. I'd better restock!
  9. Heya, yes I have a couple of sets left in stock. I prefer to do them in sets of 4 if that's okay with you. Will drop you a PM with details.
  10. Huh, look at that... didn't even occur to me that they might be available new! Now I'm definitely going to have to buy a pair so they match ) Thanks.
  11. Hi folks, my left-hand tailgate hinge cover (the square-ish bit at the back of the rubber strip on the roof) disappeared (stolen by a dim magpie?). Does anyone have one? Happy to buy a pair if you don't want to be left with an odd one! Thanks, -- Olly
  12. £13 for a set of 4 (i.e. one car's worth) plus P&P, as long as you cover paypal fees (or use bank transfer). Mr_Rossy you have PM with details. Thanks, -- Olly
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