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  1. Totally agree, might need some fine wine to get through it too!
  2. It will be north of 40k, how far I don't know. Depends on what spec I throw at it now. A friend of mine laughed when I said it will come in under 60k, I think is likely he didn't (and has done a few full car restos to this level). The majority of paid labour is done now, mine is free. I've a spreadsheet of every part and bill (I'll log my time too just for interest) maybe I'll add it up at the end 🤮. Ultimately, I'm enjoying the journey and I can't wait to drive her again 🥰
  3. A little scared to really think about it if I'm honest 🤣 I've already gone more to town than I planned. At the moment I'd guess you are at least 50% out with that estimate.
  4. 30-40k so far or when finished? I honestly don't know how long it will take to rebuild, I'll do what I can, when I can and see. Every component removed will be refreshed or replaced, pretty time consuming but can't wait! Have a few options for power lined up and some decisions to make soon.
  5. I've started to share my build on Instagram, the shell will be back with me soon and it's looking great. If you are interested in the build give me a follow 👍
  6. No real progress made while waiting for some panels... Just one more still to come 🙂 Boot and rear sections were repairable, but as with other sections, just not worth the time/money vs a new panel.
  7. Great first post! Welcome to the forum... Your C is looking great and I'm sure you'll find most the answers you need on here. On the parts you mentioned... Side mirror glass - still available, as are the bolts The window scraper - is going to be an issue, many people including myself have tried to get back into production without success... I am sure it will happen as demand is high. There are some options from other cars which will work ok for now. Fuel tank straps (for 70L) - They are available - there are some chrome ones someone is making now (eBay/Facebook) The sunroof isn't working cause of the wiring - there are lot of threads on here about sunroofs! Seat heating isn't working - elements in the seat bases can break - there are ways to fix/replace - maybe it is just a fuse? Fog lights - Become very expensive now to get originals or other lenses. I'm very interested in what you will do for the sound system... I'm going to be doing something myself.
  8. Next pictures some viewers might find disturbing... While there wasn't excessive rot, at the price of the panels I decided to just change them rather than have the repairs made on the arches, around the fuel filler and the join to the inner arch. On both sides, the whole quarters are being replaced with VW panels: outer skin, inner skin and the arch. Detailed measurements taken and bracing has added to ensure factory fit down to the last spot weld...
  9. Sadly N90 147 001 is wrong for the bulk of the bungs, I thought it was that too and now have 6 of them... but they look like they might fit in place of N90363901 - they are the same size but without the profile... I'll get some other photos and explain which part numbers I believe they all are - but this has to be one of the rarest jobs ever on Corrado 🙂
  10. Those are the only ones I can see but the factory ones are were metal with a cross on them. They also have metal clips.... Then they are covered in sealant! Might have to clean the old ones up 😕
  11. Took a chance on some of those eBay outer sills... These are the latvia sourced ones.. profile looks good but will need a little modification to get the slight difference for either side as these are symmetrical.
  12. Yeah, that's been my concern... Will get one sorted.
  13. More panels arrived today... Still more to come... I've 1000s of photos particularly of hard to see parts of the car if anyone ever needs a view of how the factory put something together. I've been thinking about setting up a blog for the rebuild process... Or I'll just carry on here 🙂
  14. I might have got carried away! It will be a long while (if ever) before sale prices will cover the costs.. or come close for that matter...but then I don't intend to sell it.
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