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  1. Will try and upload some pics and update the list/prices this weekend Uploaded a few pics http://s1376.photobucket.com/user/mjpetts/library/Corrado%20parts
  2. Looking to clear my lockup of a selection of corrado bits I've got left from braking one earlier in the year. Car was a mix of early/late 9A Black late spec dash inc glovebox £50 Black tunnel console £25 Front bumper metal brackets £10 Abs pump (untested) 358614117 £10? Master cylinder £10 Servo £10 Abs sensor £15 Black a pillars £20 Black b pillars £20 Black c pillars £20 Black parcel shelf supports £20 Black parcel shelf £20 Steering wheel Subframe £20 Rear axle (no hubs ) £20 Clocks (pics to be added) Gear selector cables £20 Gearboxes (need to check codes)£ offers otherwise being scrapped! Under car heat-shields £offers fuel lift pump £10 Fuel main pump £20 Distributor £20 Coil £10 Accelerator cable £10 Bonnet release cable TBC Radiator fan £10 ECU £20 Starter Front hubs £30 Lower bumper grille £5 Inlet manifold £25 Indicator/wiper stalks £ Metal sunroof panel skin £10 Electric sunroof motor (untested)£10 Various headlamp spares (will add pics) Can post most items at extra cost. Collection preferred from near Matlock in Derbyshire
  3. pettsy

    Passenger headlight

    Got one here if others can't help
  4. Pretty sure I've got one here
  5. pettsy

    Sunroof motor

    Haven't got a picture to hand, was after £20 delivered
  6. pettsy

    Sunroof motor

    Think I've got one here if you still need one?
  7. Got a black set here near Matlock. Look scruffy from storage but will clean up well.
  8. I meant Kr but wrote 16v,haha. Last 9a I stripped was different on the pipework layout on the pump to a Kr setup.
  9. Yes but not keen on posting due to damage risk. Yes, both available Think it got scrapped with the shell,sorry Unknown mileage,pretty sure needles are red. Will get pics this weekend. Looking for £25 for tailgate, not sure if spoiler worked but can try and test it
  10. Got a later one here in Derbyshire, don't know if there's any difference?
  11. Haven't looked into it any further than removing it from the car. Happy to investigate if you know where I should be looking?
  12. Got a full sunroof here, tilted but didn't slide more than an inch or so. Not sure if it's any use?
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