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  1. Using the active rear spoiler set up as an active front splitter obviously needs modifying somewhat.
  2. That's interesting. I've honestly never heard of that name whilst I have heard of LC6V. It does look a brilliant example and for the most part fairly standard. I would buy this and who ever does should be well happy with it but I think for most people won't understand it and complain about its oddness which to me is a huge appeal. This is a crossover VR one of the first. So it has the VR engine, later body panels but I can't figure out if it's the early or later rear bumber/arches. Early interior. 5 stud wheels but I'm not sure if they got the widetrack of the later VR's. Does it have ABS
  3. Is that it's actual paint name pearl clour green. LC6U is called pearlescent green. Which as far as I'm aware is the only pearlescent green. Aqua blue is pearlescent too. Lol I figured you would say it's underpriced but nope, it's still in your hands right. Nobody knows it's rare. It's not specifically super rare as in there are a few of those VR's around but not many. I say it's super rare as its specifically one I want in that colour which are super rare.
  4. The colour is a little confusing though. Are you sure it's LC6V. The label makes it appear that way on an LC6U car. LC6U is pearlescent green not V. In the sunlight pics it looks pearlescent green but the shade pics it looks either dragon green or classic green but I don't know the paint codes for those 2. I'm sure classic green was on the later VR's and dragon green was the earlier cars. But pearlescent green was only available I think 90/91-92 and with what makes your car so rare it's absolutely plausible it is pearlescent green. I literally think this is the only car I've seen in this spec, whilst I've always searched for one I actually thought I would never find it. Until now it was just a unicorn fantasy of me wishing rather than knowing.
  5. I'm not sure if you're aware how super rare this car is. It's also the one I've been waiting to find for like 10 years now. Good luck with the sale I'm gutted I can't afford this.
  6. Word. Mint!! Screw you purists hahaha. Right on for doing something outside the box and not giving a flying monkey what anyone thinks. My kind of people.
  7. Yes that's my point. I'm in no rush and I'm sure you're not as it can't find a home but sure upto date pics would be good.
  8. Even the early indicator stalks haha
  9. Nice lol. Check the paint code I have the sunroof panel and fuel filler and some black paint
  10. Sounds right up my street mate.
  11. That's still fine on the dash ha. What do you mean early windows and mirrors, I haven't heard that one before. I prefer oddities hence I was looking for a VR with early dash
  12. I was looking for a cross over years ago but couldn't find one too. Hate the late dash lol.
  13. If it's the dragon green isn't that LC6V. Could be wrong there.
  14. Is that a early dash? How far did you go with the repairs also on the mechanical side.
  15. Nice car. Is it an early body VR by any chance, I don't think it is but long shot. Is that pearlescent green LC6U I think. Good job I still kept my favourite part of my old car which was the steering wheel lol. Seems almost what I'm after tbh.
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