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  1. If I flew you out to New Zealand first class, and put you up in a 5 star hotel, would you do this to my valver?! Brilliant work and great to see someone with tremendous talent. Well done.
  2. Had problems with my Mk4 Golf GTI. Use to lose the revs completly at speed - was very dangerous! I'd have my foot to the floor and the engine gave nothing for seconds, then all of a sudden the power would kick in. Thought it was coil packs, but turned out to be a dodgy MAF, so got a new one.
  3. Great thread! So from what I have been reading I can convert my 1990 1.8i 16v with a KR engine? This has got me thinking about either a 1.8T transplant or using the same block. If I do use the same block and want to achieve about 350 hp, what sort of cost am I looking at and also would I need to change over the gear box to one from a TDI? What would you recommend? Do I need to put a 2l block on first?
  4. Well done sir, you have big balls to take on a project like this! Like everyone else on this forum, really enjoying the coverage and can't wait to see final result.
  5. Hi all, Went to a VW show at the weekend just outside Auckland. A grand total of 3 Corrado's - which is the best we've had so far! All 16v - but modded in one way or another. Here's an updated pic of mine with the new grill.
  6. Yep, I've only just found this thread. Please tell all? Vauxhall Nova, Renault 5 (or the 19), Peugeot 205, Nissan Micra?
  7. Just want to know if there has every been a Corrado in Bright Blue Metallic. This was a factory VW colour - very rare from 1991-1992. I'm planning on respraying my Corrado this colour and wanted to know if it had ever been done before. I use to own a Bright Blue Golf Mk3 1992. Was a GTI and I never saw another one like it. Had to sell her because I moved to NZ. Here's a few pics if you have never seen the colour. To me, it's the best colour i've ever seen on a VW. http://www.pacificshack.co.nz/downloads/golf01.jpg http://www.pacificshack.co.nz/downloads/golf02.jpg http://www.pacificshack.co.nz/downloads/golf03.jpg http://www.pacificshack.co.nz/downloads/golf04.jpg
  8. Took her to the Top Gear Track Day on Saturday. Managed to get a few laps of Pukekohe in (one of NZ's main tracks). Handling was good, but was up against Merc's, a BMW Z4 and a Holden Commodore SSV8, hence came last, but really enjoyed myself. She's a 1.8 16v with upgraded Nology HT Leads. Going to build a custom Air box for her at some point in the future, any other ideas how to make her quicker?
  9. how about something like this chap?
  10. Reminds me of the old TV show "The Green Hornet". That car had green headlights though.
  11. FInally got around to sorting out the problems with my wheels. I needed centering rings. So had some custom made ones produced from a set of Momo's. Also put on my Black Diamond disc's, painted the calipers red, and to finish off JAMEX springs all round. Next up is an FK grill to put on. I have it, I just need to work out how to fit it. Then a custom airbox and finally a re-spray in Aqau Blue.
  12. Got the discs changed today. New Bearings in. HAd the calipers painted red too. They look awesome! Thanks for all your help.
  13. Hi there, Am about to have my discs replaced with some new Black Diamonds for the front and rear. Is this an easy thing to do, and do I need to buy anything else for it? I heard that I may need new rear wheels bearings for the rear, is this true? Thanks Ian
  14. Latest update on the wheels. I have spaces which are too big - appently I need about 2mm? What is the easiest way of doing this, can I cut a 2mm thick sheet of metal and creat my own? The wheels are quite tight on. I have had them balanced three times and the wheels aligned. Still the same problem. Thoughts?
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